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Architectural factors influence thermal breakage of glass

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-03-07
  Building thermal breakage of glass is a multifactorial problem, properties of glass itself and the external environmental conditions and complex influence in General can be divided into based on main influence factors and non-factors, on particular occasions, non-major factors may also play a major role, which according to the application conditions for specific analysis. Thermal breakage effect glass itself there are three reasons: solar radiation, imposed loads and design factors. In addition to these three reasons, glass and frame as a whole as well as in manufacturing and assembling influence. Thermal breakage of glass is a comprehensive issue, we should fully take into account the effect of each factor, according to actual rule out secondary factors, and control of the main factors. For general information, restricted thermal breakage of glass there are three main factors:

  The absorption rate of 1, glass

  Due to the mechanism of thermal breakage of glass to absorb infrared radiation from the Sun, its temperature increases, and edge formed between the cold end temperature gradient, resulting in non-uniform expansion or bound to form a thermal stress and cause crack in the weak position. Infrared absorption of the glass itself is a key factor, since the heat absorbing glass is widely used, thermal breakage problems are highlighted. Heat absorbing glass heat absorption rate between 20–40%, in the design of heat absorbing glass, make sure to use the environment as a comprehensive evaluation to determine, such as glass, the temperature of the environment, borders, and thermal conductivity of walls, and so on, to pay special attention to is the temperature difference causes thermal breakage. Glass absorb heat, its temperature increases, and the low temperature of the border wall, forming the greater the temperature difference, greater risk of thermal breakage. Experience tells us that the thermal breakage usually occurs in the tropics, but in cold or temperate South-East-facing glass, and thermal breakage most of the morning, morning, this is because the ambient temperature is low, easy after the glass to absorb infrared radiation and edges form a larger temperature gradient. On those occasions the use of heat absorbing glass heat absorption rate, surface size calculation.

  2, glass plates of dimensions

  Glass panels bigger, expands after the greater the deformation, formed greater constraint forces, resulting in greater thermal stress, increases the risk of thermal breakage. While on the surface, the greater, the more likely other loads and greater synergistic effect. So in the pursuit of large plate glass decorative effect at the same time, dealing with wind loads, thermal stress, borders, deformation, gravity, assembling stress of combined effects fully taken into account. Heat absorbing glass sheet size border restrictions should be made after more than 2m2 corresponding improvement measures.

  3, the processing quality of glass edge

  Indicated in the thermal stress analysis, starting burst from the glass edge, edge of maximum stress, edge processing of most serious defects, so improving the quality of edge processing is improvedGlass in buildingOne of the key factors of thermal breakage resistance. When the glass edges are defective, and will greatly reduce the tensile strength of the glass, processing during installation it is best to glass edge grinding and removing defective glass.
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