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Teach you five strokes, the eyes to identify true and false hollow glass!

Fanyumaoyi Chinamirrom 2017-05-25 11:35:42
   Insulating GlassWindows and doors with its excellent insulation and sound insulation effect is gradually becoming home decoration window products when the darling. But as long as in the building materials market stroll around, people will find, hollow glass doors and windows category, although the appearance is white plastic steel frame, decorated with glass, but the price is hierarchy, from more than more than 200 yuan/square meters to more than 1000 yuan/square meters, dazzling, consumers in the purchase is difficult to choose, then how to select Hollow glass? China curtain Wall Network editorial department, through the product library of hundreds of glass brands and thousands of kinds of glass products screening and analysis, summed up the following three aspects, identify the true "fake" hollow glass cheats, and share 5 of Express to distinguish the quality of insulating glass tips:

  First, whether the glass is sealed. The true insulating glass consists of two layers of glass, surrounded by high-strength, high gas-dense composite binder will be glass and sealing strip, glass bonded seal, sealing performance, a lot of false insulating glass doors and windows are two pieces of glass with black PVC foam, in fact, there is no sealing effect.

  Second, the insulating glass in the middle of the two pieces of glass 6-9mm air layer, the bottom of the aluminum compartment, aluminum compartment with many breathable holes, in the air layer filled with dry gas, the border filled with desiccant, used to absorb the moisture in the gas, to prevent glass doors and windows heated after the "hazy" condensation phenomenon to ensure that the air drying between the glass, while the quality of the false "hollow" glass does not have these equipment, and will be in six months or more time after the internal fog and can not clean up the situation.

  Finally, the field test doors and windows insulation sound effect. Because the insulating glass has a certain cavity characteristic, it has relatively good thermal insulation effect, so it is widely used in the northern cities. In the performance of noise, high frequency noise in insulating glass (such as voice, loudspeaker sound, etc.) has good sound insulation, but for the traffic low-frequency noise (such as bus engine noise, train noise, aircraft noise, etc.) effect is not obvious, because the hollow glass air cavity will be in the Low-frequency area and outside the low-frequency noise resonance, low-frequency noise is more easy to penetrate through the glass into the room. Of course, the false "hollow" doors and windows sound insulation effect is very general, and almost do not have insulation performance.

  People in the industry to identify the advantages and disadvantages of insulating glass doors and windows five tips:

   First, the quality of the profile identification

  High-quality profiles, from the appearance of oxidation coloring film surface smooth and delicate, flat clean, pure color, not decolorization; no bubbles, smooth line, cut the section silver, no black, there is weight; corrosion resistance, good rigidity, durable, then choose the profile should be judged from the following aspects:

  1. See whether the materials meet the standards: high quality insulating glass doors and windows are high quality profiles, such as the domestic more well-known Kennedy profile, Wei Cheong profiles, aluminum profiles, such as Hao-Mei profiles, and low-quality insulating glass doors and windows used is low-grade profiles, such as "slimming" products, the current market on the thinnest 0.6mm (according to the national standard on the wall thickness of aluminum profile requirements, profile wall thickness of 1.2 ± 0.23mm, tensile strength should reach every square millimeter 157N, Yield strength should reach 108N per square millimeter, the thickness of the oxide film should be up to 10 μm, if not up to the above standard, as a poor quality aluminum profile), and some even moved the hands and feet of the two times recycled profiles (the appearance of the film affixed to the well-known profiles, shoddy).

  2. Look at the appearance of fine degree: the surface Protective Film no significant scratches, no aluminum chips, burrs, oil spots or other dirt, adjacent components coloring no obvious color difference, assembly joints without overflow adhesive, door and window frame size error is small, welding place also did not break open welding phenomenon; hardness thickness enough, hammer percussion profile surface does not appear rupture. Poor quality profile processing, cutting with sawing, the surface is very uneven, uneven color, there is a bubble impurities, hardness difference, with a hammer percussion will rupture, even with the hand pinch will deform.

  3. See if the use is convenient, safety: high-quality aluminum profile installation stresses, components connected firmly, doors and windows open flexible, no sense of blocking or rebound phenomenon, windows and doors closed, the layering closed tightly, the box between the door and the junction without obvious gaps; In addition to this, the quality of hardware is directly affecting the performance of windows and doors.

  4. See whether the manufacturer is formal: the current market processing of aluminum products factory greatly small and many, not well-known small factories or workshops produced by the quality of aluminum profile is certainly not guaranteed, the use of frequent failure, security risks. Therefore, the selection of regular manufacturers is the effective guarantee of quality, manufacturers have production license, the obvious parts of the product signs, such as factory name, trademarks, product names, models, the date of the factory.

   Second, the steel lining installed in the profile also has a quality difference

  In order to enhance the rigidity of the profile, more than a certain length of the profile of the cavity needs to fill the steel lining (reinforcing tendons), the state expressly stipulates that doors and windows Tang inside the steel lining minimum of not less than 1.2 cm thick, good inch steel thickness of more than 1.2 mm, and low-quality profiles used in steel lining is often not enough, the market is mostly 0.9 centimeters, and some even with recycled scrap metal skin, can skin or wood plug in. To this, some processing point head of the oath that the steel lining need not 1.2cm, quality is the same, this kind of saying will mislead many consumers, after all, most consumers are not expert, often on the suspicion of consumption. But in fact, if the steel liner does not reach the standard, the time is long, the profile will deform.

   Three, the profile also has the multiple cavity and the single cavity cent

  Multi-cavity profiles are composed of a main cavity (installation inch steel) and a plurality of small cavities, the insulation and drainage performance is good, and the single cavity profile has no heat insulation and drainage considerations.

   Four, glass quality identification qualified products

  Glass quality of the identification of the difference is relatively small, surface formation, no impurity bubbles, radio scratches and fog spots and other defects, some types of defective glass will be deformed in use, reducing its transparency, mechanical strength and thermal stability, such as grant brands of high-quality Glass, consumers can observe from the side of glass, glass formation, no chromatic aberration, through the glass to see items, goods are not deformed, is a qualified product. Since glass is a transparent object, when selected through visual inspection, basic can identify the quality of good or bad.

  V. The quality of the hardware accessories

  Hardware parts to distinguish the quality of hardware accessories, high-quality brand hardware, like Chenlang, Hopewell, Spring, Li Xing, foreign Hoppe, Gaelic hardware and so on are trustworthy brands, help to judge the quality of insulating glass doors and windows such as hinges, locks and other metal materials, surface should be anti-corrosion treatment, such as galvanized, chrome, spraying, or stainless steel materials produced. Hinges, and so on, to be used to prevent doors and windows deformation of the design; lock, as far as possible anti-theft effect of a good lock point lock; Inferior hardware accessories, will make the entire quality of doors and windows greatly reduced, door and window switch is not easy, sealing performance is poor, may leak leakage rain; If the frame is not standard, the connection is not secure, when encountering strong wind and external force, will squeeze glass or even cause the insulating glass to fall off or burst,
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