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Technique of glass door sticking film

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-10-13
As a new type of energy-saving building materials, glass foil with heat insulation, insulation, safety and explosion-proof, Anti-ultraviolet, anti-thorn glare, easy to create private space, enhance visual effect, high temperature resistance fire several major advantages. So, how to paste the glass door foil? Next, let's look at the technique of the glass door foil construction.
How to paste the glass door film
   1. Familiar with tools and sizes
Construction Essentials: Check the tool is not perfect, by the same side of the window size.
The tools we have prepared before the film should include at least four pieces of scraper, watering, knife and ruler, and carefully inspect the tools for smoothness, smoothness and Gap, and then we measure the length of the window and the size of the window, which must begin with the same side of the window.
   2. Cutting film
Construction points: Cushion on the soft cloth, Film edge Alignment center line, size than glass 5-8mm.
After taking out the film to check the size and quantity of the film, the following pad a small blanket or soft cloth, to avoid scratching the floor, cutting the film Edge Alignment center line, cutting, cutting the size of the glass than the size of small 5-8mm, in the back of the film.
   3. Cleaning Glass
Construction points: More than spray water scraping several times, cleaning clean without dust and sand.
Glass must be clean, this effect on the film is very important, wash the glass thoroughly clean. Spray more water, with a film scraping several times, so that the glass without dust and no sand, clean the glass after spraying a layer of water.
   4. Upper Film
Construction points: Spray on the lubricating fluid to reduce adhesive layer, first dozen cross, first between the two sides scraping film.
The membrane is divided into two layers, one layer is colorless and transparent, called protective film, and one layer has a sticky band color called a foil. Before the film, the first spray lubrication fluid to reduce adhesive layer, then one side of the film to tear the protective membrane, adjust the film on the window of the position, the action is first hit the cross, and then from the two sides to scrape film, the film fixed, the bubble from both sides of the drive out, the force to light, to avoid excessive film scraping flowers.
   5, scraping the film to catch water
Construction points: small towel suction water, trimming corner, dry cloth wipe.
In the film also spray layer lubrication liquid, the protective film and film, the direction of action and the same as the previous step, vigorously scrape away moisture, with a small towel to suck out the moisture, the final trimming corner did not scrape the place, tear off the protective film, film finish. When all the windows are plastered, spray a small amount of detergent to remove the residue. Wipe with a dry rag to make the window smooth and bright.