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Tempered glass buying guide book

fanyumaoyi 2016-11-02 10:04:31

Tempered glass is a manufactured glass products, is according to product requirements for flat glass cutting, milling, washing, drying, and then heated to near the glass transition temperature, and immediately made rapid cooling.

Small reminder when consumers buy tempered glass used in construction, the following three points were identified.


Appearance of search quality

View the appearance of the product quality.Tempered glassThere should be no cracks, missing angle explosion edge and scratch should not exceed GB15763.2-2005 standards. Meanwhile, production of toughened glass chips that are used, which shall conform to the requirements of the product standard, by inherent defects of the glass sheet glass appearance defects shall comply with the corresponding requirements of the product standard.

In addition, to view the flatness of flat tempered glass. For flat glass products, GB15763.2-2005 standard bow should not exceed 0.3%, waveform curves should not exceed 0.2%.

Logo to check certificate

Safety glass product certification since 2003, most of the country's architectural tempered glass production companies through product certification, companies must screen printing on products sold in bulk or paste 3C flag, or its minimum on the packaging and accompanying documents (certificates), add 3C flag. When purchasing products first to see if there are 3 c logo, and according to company information, factory number or product certification certificate via the Internet to view the product manufacturers through the mandatory product certification (3 c certificate and valid), whether your product model and specification has passed the certification of the enterprise within the capacity, whether the certificate is valid.

Identification of product inspection report

Tempered glass used in construction as the personal and property safety of products, has long been listed as key government supervision and inspection, formal check suppliers periodically subject to supervision departments. Therefore, the manufacturer should be able to provide the inspection report issued by quality inspection department, otherwise, the quality of unfounded.


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