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Transportation and installation of glass

fanyumaoyi 2016-11-02 11:01:41

Glass is a fragile item, even if tempered glass is known as hard glass, improper transportation is also easily broken. Therefore, must pay attention to fixed in the transportation engineering and comfort pad, generally erected method of transportation is recommended.

Transport was no problem, the next most critical step: installation problems. Influence the effect of the use of the installation, ifTempered glassInstall the other side is closed, should pay attention to clean surfaces prior to installation, it is best to use dedicated glass cleaner, and you want to stay dry and confirmed that there are no stains before the installation, it is best to use clean construction gloves during installation, when you fixed with silicone sealant. If the installation of Windows, you also need to use with a rubber seal.


Performance of: thermal stability

Small learned that the building safety glass regulations come into effect on January 1, 2004 provided that bathroom enclosures and screen safety glass must be used. Safety glass is not broken a severe vibration or impact, even if broken glass not easy to hurt. Common types of safety glass where glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, and so on.

Tempered glass is also called hardened glass. Tempered glass and good thermal stability, can adapt to the temperature change of the bathroom frequently, less the debris hazard to people. But because of faulty, improper installation, lack of conservation issues, tempered glass also has security implications.

Installation: the cutting can easily lead to self-

Small learned that shower room currently sold on the market, the use of tempered glass are semi-tempered or ordinary thickened glass. These large stones and impurities in the glass, the quality varies greatly.

In addition, improper installation can also be caused by glass from the explosion. When installing the glass has some inclination or changed the shape of the glass. When installing most avoid cutting glass, tempered glass cannot be processing in the steel of a size and shape, it is very easy to make glass since the explosion. When purchasing products, and demands the best manufacturers to provide professional home installation.

Tempered glass is the most solid in the Middle, corners and edges are the most vulnerable. So pay attention to protect the glass corner and see if the corner cracks on a regular basis. Can choose the explosion-proof membrane on just in case.


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