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The basic classification of flat glass

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-03-02
  Flat glass is glass in building-one of the most commonly used, it includes: window glass, frosted glass, stained glass and stained glass.

  (1) flat glass for Windows: Also known as the flat glass or clear glass, known as glass Windows, flat glass is flat glass production in largest and most used, is further processed into a variety of technical glass base material. Unprocessed flat glass is mainly fitted to doors and Windows, light, weather stripping, insulation, insulation and so on.

  (2) ground glass: Also known as Aero glass is the use of mechanical sand spraying, manual grinding or using methods such as hydrofluoric acid, ordinary flat glass surface treatment is uniformly rough surfaces. The glass surface is rough, light diffuse reflection, has the characteristics of light does not pivot, and indoor light. In addition to transparency, frosted glass specifications and quality are the same as in window glass, it is often used for toilets, bathrooms, toilets, offices, corridors of the partition, can also be used for plate surface of the Blackboard.

  (3)Stained glassAlso known as the colored glass, is added to the raw material the appropriate colored metal oxidants can produce transparent and stained glass. In addition, the flat glass surface coating treatment can be made of transparent colored glass. The glass into a variety of patterns, pattern, suitable for public building internal and external wall, door and window furnishings and lighting parts with special requirements.

  (4) glass: Is a widely used high grade decorative glass products. Original painted realistically painted screen technology can be copied to the glass, this is other decoration methods and materials are difficult to compare. No limit of glass thickness, size, you can make transparent flat glass colours and patterns, and paint coating adhesion, durability, wash, easy to clean. Stained glass can be used in homes, office buildings, shopping malls and entertainment Windows and doors, Interior and exterior walls, ceilings ceilings, light boxes, wall hangings, furniture, screens, etc, using their different patterns and pictures to high art style decorative effect.
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