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The design of the Sunshine Room

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2018-01-30
Build a stylish and interesting sun room on the wide terrace, and have about 35 friends on weekends, or catch up or chat, so happy
But the reality is, but many people before the construction of the enthusiastic, the construction of elation, after the construction of full belly grievances, regret unceasingly.
The crux of the problem is that there is no plan for the sun room design concept, do not know how to design? Do not know how to buy the sun room? How to solve the sound insulation, safety, ventilation and heat insulation? How to build a good sun room and so on a series of problems, resulting in the sun room has become a grocery store, became a chicken.
laminated glass
   Pre-planning, specifically what to prepare?
In building the dream of the Sunshine House, there are a few important points that you must consider first.
Ⅰ?...... It's the penthouse terrace or the first floor garden.
What is the use of Ⅱ?...... A clothes or flower room or a sun room or a tea or coffee room or a solarium, etc.
Ⅲ. What is the effect of hope?...... Bright light, shelter from the wind, unique shape, etc.
Ⅳ How much budget?...... A penny, different design different construction, have different texture.
A sunny room to face the conditions of the real environment: rain, scorching sun, typhoon, temperature difference, wet, seepage, falling objects ...
   The following small series mainly to the system sun room and system sun room two aspects to do the explanation:
(1) Non-system sun room: That is, the framework of steel or ordinary aluminum, non-system development, the use of the market of existing materials randomly selected, rigid connection, welding, strong adaptability, the performance of the matching between materials is low, can be easily done by arc shape, the cost is relatively cheap.
Advantages: Surface materials usedGlue Glassor the Sun Board (PC board) as the roofing material, has the characteristics of rain and light transmission, PC board with strong impact resistance, 250 times times stronger than traditional glass, Bilhac strength 30 times times, the PC board is good, even if the bending angle of 80-90 degrees, still do not break.
Disadvantages: The frame has no broken thermal structure, no drainage system, the system cross-section is simple, no system elasticity considerations, more serious material is more confused. The surface material uses the sunlight board plastic material vibration is big, when raining is more noisy; Bad cleaning aging fast, high yellowing rate, hardening, high cracking, heat insulation is poor, cracks after water seepage serious condensate phenomenon can not be ruled out.
(2) System Sunshine Room: Skeleton needs large aluminum material, the site structure support condition has elastic articulation structure, suitable for more site conditions, structural deformation, such as waterproof system control;
Advantages: glass without water droplets sound noise problem, transparency and light transmittance is very good use of insulating reflective glass, can increase the heat insulation and ease the light of the eye, using a variety of glass configuration combination can be resolved: poor wet water condensate phenomenon, the use of adhesive safety glass, can prevent the damage caused by rupture, there is no rate of yellow cracking plasticizing problem.
Disadvantages: Comprehensive energy consumption is low, but the cost is high.
Note: The construction technology is high, rigorous, the level does not have the design to have the unsteady condition, the glass and the frame must do well separates can the earthquake resistance, the suitable skeleton design strength can load, the security.