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Opportunities and challenges faced by windows and doors curtain wall Enterprises in the 2018

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-01-31
As the old saying goes, the world's trend will be divided for a long time. Door and window curtain wall industry is the same, after 2017 years of a miserable round of scenes, will kill a lot of new dark horse, they will make a pot full in 2018.
At the same time because of the gap between information and cognition, the whole industry will present a two-level differentiation trend. What does that mean? In layman's terms, the business will be miserable and the business will be better!
First of all, let's talk about, these doors and windows curtain wall people care about the key words, 2018 will continue to become the normal:
Glass curtain wall
   ① price war
What all people do not want to see is that the whole industry has no price war to rest, and when you lose all your underwear, there is a more crazy businessman out there, he said this product is free to send. Do not think I am alarmist, 0 yuan purchase, free strategy, and so on business model, has been everywhere in other industries, door and window curtain wall industry will not be spared.
Perhaps these monsters because of the internet thinking, they will not really give you free, but you do not dare to imagine, they are in the doors and windows of the curtain wall industry, the introduction of your madness to the despair of the business model, because this is the inevitable outcome of industry competition.
From the national macro level, overcapacity has become a major obstacle to national development. Substantial inventory of real estate, reinforced concrete,Glass, hardware and so on the manufacturing industry's imbalance in supply and demand, all this is the price war important reason.
A few years because of the real estate industry blowout development, various levels of employees flocking to doors and windows curtain wall industry, the state of the market has been a serious oversupply, many businesses in order to survive in the competition, only to obtain customers at low prices.
   ② Rising tide of price
Since 2016 to 2017, China's environmental protection inspectors, this is the main cause of the surge in prices.
Because the country is standardizing this industry, more environmental protection, healthier, greener, more energy-saving demand, making all kinds of raw material costs straight up. In addition, with the product manufacturing and upgrading of quality, the quality of the requirements of employees will become more and more high, followed by the increase in labor costs. In addition, the rent, water and electricity rise, logistics costs rise and so on factors, the trend of price hikes.
Although in 2017 also saw a small range of ups and downs, but the overall trend of the entire industry is showing a rising trend.
   ③ Closing Tide
Because of the price of the tide and the madness of the war, the oncoming is the closing tide.
Just last year, Shanghai closed two old building materials market continuously, Shanghai Pudong Heng Big Building materials and nine star building materials market, the two market occupies the scale of thousands of acres, the annual turnover is up to billions of yuan.
In addition to these large-scale building materials market, the state is also forced to shut down some "scattered pollution" enterprises, according to the statistics of the light environmental protection inspectors last year, shut down the enterprise as high as 176,000.
The reasons behind this, on the one hand, the quality of these enterprises, performance, are not up to national standards, on the other hand is the inevitable result of oversupply.
Thinking of this scene, we are wondering if the industry can still do it? Where is our way out?
What is the way out? Many people put themselves in the home to keep their heads down, but refused to look up the road, of course, will encounter failure. At home behind closed doors of the era has passed, a previous industry 5-10 years will occur a big change, and now an industry 3-6 months will occur a big change, half a month will occur a lot of small changes.
The same is to do the door and window curtain wall, others use the machine equipment than you advanced, the use of business models, marketing models and so on are more advanced than you, how do you compete with others?
In fact, think about it, we do not think clearly at home things, after going out there is vista feeling.
   ① two times Decoration tide
At the end of last world, the first batch of commercial housing entered two times, the renovation of the old house rapidly increased, a large number of data surveys show that more than 25% people are willing to replace the windows, and the windows have higher requirements.
   ② Industry 4.0
Robots, artificial intelligence all the time in progress, Foxconn has long been the realization of unmanned factories, building decoration, factory production, door and window walls will be to robot automation.
Other windows and doors curtain wall construction enterprise already used the airplane to add the cannon, your home still uses the backward millet?
   ③ New Family
The new generation of 80, has become the main force to buy houses, their housing environment, quality of life has a very high demand.
Perhaps they are short of money, but they are a group of quality of life "not bad money" new people, they are bound to bring the industry a new gold mine.
Vanke, Beyonce garden and so on these industry giants, has already set foot on the new nuggets of the road, in the hardcover room to make a benchmark. Do you have doors and windows that meet the needs of new and new humans, and are willing to let 80 and the next willing to pay for you?
Young people, is the main force of the door and window consumption, their concept will also change the market trend of development. From the previous functional needs will become fashionable, personalized enjoyment, doors and windows have not only pure family decoration, people also gave it the pursuit of fashion, publicity personality, enjoy the meaning of life Messenger. Novelty and change will be the mainstream of the future door and window consumption.
   ④ New Retail
As the saying goes, the world martial arts is not broken, when you open a physical shop on the ground, someone already in the internet thinking of products sold to thousands of households.
And when you think that playing with the micro-letter, to engage in live on the thought is very fashionable, but someone already in the new retail mode, the perfect combination of online and offline. And they will divide and devour your market, but many people do not know.
New retail models have sprung up all over the industry, and doors and windows are no exception.