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The first batch of China's CSP demonstration projects will be grid-connected by the end of Octob

  • Author:fanyu
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2018-03-07
It is understood that there have been two major factors that have affected the progress of the project in the past. Firstly, the one-off investment in CSP projects is large, and the relevant financial support policies (for private enterprises) are not introduced in the country, resulting in greater difficulty in financing. Second, The project site (Zhangjiakou area on the dam is the southern margin of the Inner Mongolia Plateau) has a longer frost period and shorter effective construction period, resulting in a relatively tight overall construction period.
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Yang Yu-rong, chairman of Zhangyangkou Zhangjiakou North Energy Co., Ltd., said that the on-grid electricity price and state policy have played a key role in financing the first solar thermal power demonstration project and will actually determine whether the demonstration project can really be put into operation. At present, the state has clarified the related policies such as project deferral and electricity price linkage, which points out the direction for those units interested in developing the solar thermal power generation industry. Zhongyang Chabei North Energy will actively promote the project construction and provide reference data for the development of China's solar thermal power generation industry in the future and truly play the exemplary significance.