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Glass Spot Market - Overall Price Increase

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2018-03-08
Today, the general trend of the glass spot market is still acceptable. The production companies are out of the library to maintain the previous level, and the market price has risen. Yesterday, the regional coordination meeting was held in South China, and the manufacturers in East China also had a certain coordination mechanism. Afterwards, the participants’ price rose about 20-40 yuan to boost market confidence and enthusiasm for the market. Other regions also have a certain degree of market confidence. From a regional point of view, some manufacturers in the South China and East China markets have increased by around RMB20, mainly due to regional coordination. Some manufacturers in Central China also have an increase of 20 yuan to follow up the South China market. Some manufacturers in the northeast region have increased their offer prices by 20 yuan, targeting new payments.
Today, the overall trend of the spot market in East China is still acceptable. The number of production companies in the export market has increased slightly, and the market price has risen by a certain margin. Some East China manufacturers held a small-scale regional coordination meeting, and today’s participants’ prices rose by around 20 yuan. On the one hand, some manufacturers in the early part of the East China region have increased their quotation. On the other hand, the South China Regional Coordination Conference has also contributed to the stabilization and slight increase of the price in East China. This is also the main reason why some East China manufacturers hold regional coordination meetings. From the perspective of the post-conference production enterprises' shipments, it is relatively normal and the traders reflect a mediocre one. Current orders from downstream processing companies are still acceptable, and the operating rate is gradually increasing. Shahe area in the near futureglassThe number of people entering East China increased slightly.
Today, the overall trend of the South China market is still acceptable. The production companies are basically out of the market and the market price has risen. Yesterday, the production company held its first regional coordination meeting in 2018, and believed that the current demand in the terminal market started and price adjustment was an inevitable trend. After the meeting, the production company's offer rose by around RMB 20-40, and some manufacturers temporarily wait and see. Affected by spot price increases in South China and East China, some manufacturers in Central China also rose slightly. It is understood that there are also more capacity recovery and new production capacity in central China this year.
Today, the general trend of the market in North China is general. The production and sales of production enterprises maintain their previous levels, and the market price is stable. At present, the production enterprises in the Shahe region are still out of stock, and some manufacturers are still restricted from loading vehicles, which has also caused some manufacturers' inventory to continue to increase slightly. Traders, on the other hand, have accelerated the speed of their inventory inventories, especially the number of sales to the surrounding markets. Most of the manufacturers in the early stage plan to raise the price by around RMB 10 this weekend, which also increases the market confidence of traders. However, it is also an indisputable fact that the overall inventory in the Shahe region is high. Especially in the context of the reduction of 9 float glass production lines last year, the total inventory is still higher than the level of the same period of last year, which warrants vigilance.
The overall trend of the Southwest market has been relatively good in the near future. The number of production companies outbound has increased, and the market price has been temporarily stable. It is expected that under the influence of increasing market prices in other regions, there will be opportunities for price increases in the southwestern market during the latter period. Today, the market trend in the northeastern region is still acceptable, and the production companies are basically out of the warehouse. Some manufacturers have responded to the increase in prices of the Group and the offer price has risen by 20 yuan. At present, the local market demand in Northeast China has not yet started. The general trend of the northwestern market today is general, and the increase in the volume of production enterprises is not significant, and the market price is relatively stable. The manufacturer plans to hold a regional coordination meeting next week, and it is expected that there will be a small price increase plan.
Aftermarket overview:
The production companies in South China and East China, under the influence of regional coordination meetings, have raised their prices one after another. This is a good maintenance of market sentiment. The rate of restocking by traders and processing companies is gradually increasing. In the short term, it is a high probability event that market prices will rise steadily. The high inventory of production companies in some regions has a certain degree of suppression on the stability of the market price in the later period. In the long-term trend of the spot market, we must pay attention to the increase in demand in the end market.