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The first high effect glass bridge will be opened in Wuhu 23rd

Fanyu 2017-12-19 10:16:21
laminated glass
Domestic first high effect glass bridge "dragon in the sky" aerial map
   BEIJING, Wuhu, December 18, Xinhua (Zhang Yazhang) reporter 18th from Anhui wuhu horse ren Qifeng tourist attractions learned that the domestic first special effects glass bridge "dragon in the Sky" will be opened this month 23rd.

According to the scenic staff, "The Dragon in the sky Glass Bridge" length of 388 meters, vertical height of 180 meters, across the main peaks and sun between Ma Ren qi, by the glass bridge and ladder glass plank together. The bridge is also the only national Testing center through the quality of the culture, experience into one of the high-altitude effect Glass bridge.
laminated glass
Domestic first high effect glass bridge "dragon in the sky" aerial map
   Reporter saw in the scene, the Glass Bridge by the Dragon Glass Bridge and ladder glass Plank Road common composition,GlassThe bridge installed the "sound photoelectric" and other special effects devices, can create a "glass fragmentation", "puff" and "Rose Corridor" and other gorgeous effects. From a distance, the peaks of the two sides are like two dragons on both ends of the glass bridge, the bridge under the thousands of elliptical wood, as a wonderful picture.
laminated glass
    Ma ren Qifeng tourist attractions located in the South bank of the Yangtze River, Tongling, Nanling, Fanchang Three counties at the junction of southern Anhui tourism belt in the middle, unique scenery, deep cultural background, known as "South Anhui Zhangjiajie, Riverside small Huangshan," said. Scenic Area is committed to creating experiential tourism and red theme tourism boutique scenic spots, with the dragon in the sky high Glass bridge, Cliff ladder glass Plank Road, jungle mist Drifting, Jungle Crossing, Jiangnan first slide, red collection and other attractions. is the national AAAA level tourism, National Forest Park and National Geological Park.

At present, Wuhu is actively integrated into the southern Anhui International Cultural Tourism Demonstration area construction, holding a regiment to go to sea, around Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States market to promote joint promotion, expand the influence of domestic and foreign markets.