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How to buy soundproof glass doors? What are the main points of isolating noise?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-12-20
A busy day back home, want to have a quiet solitude, so whether it is soundproof glass doors or soundproof windows in the home decoration, are more and more important. So how to buy soundproof glass door? What are the main points of isolating noise? Come and have a look!
insulating glass
   1. Choose Soundproof Glass
The sound insulation effect of the soundproof glass door depends mainly on the material of the soundproof glass. Now soundproof glass doors used in glass mainly ordinary glass, insulating glass, laminated insulating glass and vacuum glass, which belong to the vacuum glass is the best sound insulation effect. This is related to the structure of the glass: vacuum glass is to separate two pieces of glass, and the air in the middle, forming a vacuum between the glass, according to the sound can not spread in the vacuum of the principle of noise, so no matter what kind of noise can not pass through the glass into the house. Relatively speaking,Insulating Glasscan only be isolated high-frequency or less energy noise, low frequency or greater energy noise, sound insulation effect is not very good. and laminated insulating glass insulation effect-like, but the security is very high, not easy to break.
   2. Select Glass Door frame
Many people will overlook the sound insulation effect of the soundproof glass doors is also related to the door frames. If the single from the sound insulation effect angle, then the aluminum alloy door and plastic steel door can be considered, but the ordinary type of aluminum alloy door pull when the sound is larger, and heat conduction fast, long-term use of its sealing will gradually reduce the impact of later use. However, aluminum alloy doors easy to install, the price of moderate characteristics or attracted a lot of people, if you want to aluminum alloy door frame owners may wish to consider the new broken bridge aluminum frame.
   3, check the sealing performance
Sealing performance is mainly refers to the sealing degree of the door, glass and border sealing treatment are part of the sealing performance. When we check, we can close the door and look at the seal of the frame, the rear door and the wall, these are the factors that affect the sealing performance of the soundproof glass doors. And the final decision to seal the high or low is the sealing strip. At present, there are two main sealing strips in the market: one is wool seal, the other is rubber seal. Woolen seals and rubber seals have their own shortcomings, wool seal with a long time after easy hair removal, greatly reducing the sealing effect. and rubber sealing strip after wind and rain, easy to harden aging, but also reduce its sealing effect. The sealing strip, no matter what material it is, should have sufficient tensile strength, elasticity and hardness. In addition, also pay attention to check whether the sealing strip is flat, no roll edge, no off groove.