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The reason why the hollow glass condensation

Fanyu 2017-11-14 14:38:35
It is understood that the biggest quality problem of insulating glass is in the use of air layer condensation, this phenomenon is confusing to many users, whose behind is who in the mischief? Let's analyze and analyze together
Insulating Glass
Hollow Glass as a new energy-saving building materials, its thermal insulation and sound insulation by the majority of users love, so the quality of insulating glass is increasingly high.
Hollow Glass in the use of the process, when the ambient temperature to reduce the glass surface temperature to the dew point in the dry air layer, the surface of the dry air layer will produce condensation or frosting. The performance of insulating glass is affected by condensation or frosting on the inner surface of the glass.
If the air layer in the Celsius above does not dew, the hollow glass in the use of the process is not the air layer condensation phenomenon.
   1. Cause analysis of dew point rise
   Insulating GlassThe dew point is the temperature that is sealed in the air layer when the humidity reaches saturation. Below this temperature, the vapor in the air layer condenses into liquid water. Can be introduced: the higher the content of water, the higher the dew point of the air temperature, when the glass inside the surface temperature is lower than the air dew point, the air in the glass surface condensation or frosting.
The dew point rise of insulating glass is caused by the outside water entering the air layer without being absorbed by the desiccant, there are three kinds of reasons may cause dew point rise:
(1) There are bubbles inside the sealant, which leads to the air moisture entering.
(2) The water vapor diffuses through the polymer into the air layer.
(3) The effective adsorption capacity of desiccant is low.
   2, hollow glass dew point control measures
(1) Strictly control the temperature of production environment
The production environment mainly affects the adsorption capacity and the residual adsorption capacity.
(2) Reducing the diffusion of water through polymers
Mainly by choosing the low permeability coefficient of sealant, determine the reasonable sealing thickness, reduce the internal and external temperature difference of insulating glass (that is, the control in a certain temperature range of production can not make the temperature range too large).
(3) Shorten production process time
Minimize the time of contact between desiccant and atmosphere, reduce the loss of adsorption capacity, so that desiccant has a higher adsorption capacity.
(4) Select the right aluminum profile
The small pores of the guide gas seam to reduce the operation of the molecular sieve in the water absorption rate.
(5) Choose the appropriate desiccant
To select a high adsorption rate and lasting desiccant.
The original air layer condensation is the air layer dew point in the use of the process increased, so the control of the hollow Glass dew points is the key to control the quality of insulating glass. At this moment presumably everyone's mind has been resolved, believe that through the selection of materials, processing, environment and other aspects of control, insulating glass quality will be obvious control.