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Do you know how to maintain the glass wash basin to keep it beautiful forever?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2017-11-15
Glass basin Beautiful and generous, is a lot of home decoration of the first choice, but the glass basin for a long time is very easy to lose the original luster, then how can we maintain to keep it beautiful forever?
   The use of glass basin to pay attention to the following eight points:
1. To avoid placing items on the basin, have this bad habit must also be changed.
2. Some bathrooms have makeup table, basin above the wall on the make-up version can not be placed on the general household daily necessities, should be set up lockers, convenient daily necessities collection, to avoid prevention in the make-up board.
3. Usually clean: Glass porcelain appearance soft brush hair or sponge dip neutral cleaning agent cleaning, but avoid hot water rinse, lest the basin cracked. To use a basin to fill water, you should first put cold water and then put hot water to avoid burns.
4. Regular maintenance: The bottom of the basin can be easily removed from the water bay, the accumulation of regular stains will be removed, so that the basin to maintain smooth drainage.
5. Regular testing of the bathroom in the home is a dark crack, the detection method is to fill the basin with water, poured into the colored pigment soaked one night, if there is a dark crack phenomenon, you can see clearly to the color stripes.
6. In cleaning the basin should be used as far as possible sponge dip cleaning agent cleaning, can not use CAI cloth, can not be used hard brush, acid-base chemical agent or solvent wipe scrub, otherwise it will be in the surface of the basin to form small scratches, so that it becomes coarse and easy to deposit dirt.
7. Porcelain andGlassThe conductivity is very small, if the rapid heating will rupture, in the use of the basin to pay attention to the temperature can not be too large, the basin should avoid external collision, lest the basin rupture.
8. There is also a kind of down-type wash basin, in cleaning the need to pay attention to the bottom of the table and the corner of the basin Junction is the focus of clearance.
In fact, the glass basin and ceramic basin maintenance method is not much different, as long as you can remember that the glass basin is the bane of boiling water, scouring cloth, steel brush, strong alkaline detergent, sharp hard tool, stains grease is enough.