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The whole process of automobile windshield repair

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-09-21
Today's car front windshield repair process, let you quickly understand how to handle the front windshield cracks. When your car glass is broken by stones or other reasons, you can choose to repair it yourself, or you can repair it in a nearby professional glass repair shop. Let your car appear glass free of the risk of replacement. Not only to save money, but also to ensure the tightness of the original car!
   First step, glass cleaning: Before the glass repair, the glass surface, especially the glass damage around clean and clean, if it is raining or glass cracks into the rain, but also the work of glass drainage, which are glass cleaning to do, glass cleaning is the prelude to glass repair, to prevent the glass repair rain, dust interference, affect the repair effect.
   Second step, glass drilling: Drilling has a booster vacuum, easy to inject resin, stop crack and other functions. Of course, glass drilling also has a lot of detail skills, not all of the glass cracks need to be drilled, some of the glass cracks need to penetrate the first layer, some of the glass cracks need to hit the first layer of the time, some of the glass is broken inside the situation, even need to be inside a layer of glass to beat through, This requires a glass repair technician with very rich experience in glass repair.
   Step three, dust removal: Clean the dust and dust of the hole at the glass entrance.
   Step fourth, suction vacuum: Use a glass repair to drain the air out of the cracks in the glass. From the diagram we can see that the glass repair of the piston rod to pull up, and maintain a fixed, vacuum is the use of the space occupied by the piston to pull up the formation of the vacuum zone and cracks in the pressure difference in the glass cracks in the air suction vacuum pump. Vacuum is a very important step in the glass repair, it is with the injection resin sequence, but also at the same time, there are many to control the skills, the key is how to exhaust air, this is a long time to repair the accumulation of experience.
   Part fifth, resin injection: Put down the piston lever of the glass repair, use the pressure of the air pressure to pressure the resin into (also can be said to inhale) glass crack.
   Step sixth, UV baking: After the glass resin is injected, the glass resin is cured with ultraviolet rays. Glass resin generally in 40 seconds or so will surface curing, to complete curing please maintain 3-10 minutes of curing time (the light enough when 10 minutes really a bit longer).
   Seventh Step, Surface leveling: Let hole in the original glass surface flush, so you can beautify the visual effect, to ensure the normal use of wiper.
   Step eighth, grinding and brightening: The glass hole eye treatment to receive bright, after the blade scraped through the glass resin is dull and fuzzy, we can use a small disc with a little abrasive to the hole eye polishing.
   Step Nineth, clean up the finishing touches: Finally, we can wipe the glass inside and outside.
After the above 9 steps, the front windshield is perfectly repaired, it is not possible to repair their own before the windshield!