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Those causes the condensation of glass doors and windows

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Https://www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2019-04-04

In the past, the problems of condensation on doors, windows and curtain walls in cold areas have been slowly attacked by the extreme weather and the popularity of technology houses. News reports on consumer complaints caused by condensation problems continue to appear in various regions, and condensation problems are receiving increasing attention. There are many reasons for the condensation of doors and windows and curtain walls. The design, fabrication, installation and material problems may cause condensation. What are the specific causes of condensation and how to avoid them?

1. No insulation around the door and window openings

The insulation around the door and window openings will not cause the insulation of the entire building to continue, which will affect the building insulation system. In the design of the building, the insulation requirements of the external protection structure should be taken into consideration. Insulation measures should be taken around the door and window openings, especially in the severe cold areas. The lack of insulation can easily form a cold bridge, causing condensation on the wall and window frame.

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2. Contact between aluminum alloy profile and steel frame (structure)

Door and window installation is divided into dry installation and wet installation. In the wet installation, if the hole is not standard or the construction is incorrect, the gap between the window frame and the wall will be too small or even no gap, which will cause the window frame to directly contact the wall and the cold bridge phenomenon will occur. In dry installation, if the gap between the steel frame and the window frame is too small or the seam is unqualified, the steel frame will be in direct contact with the aluminum alloy door and window frame, or the frame will be exposed to form a cold bridge, causing the window frame and installation. Location wall condensation.

3. Hardware installation is not in place

When the door and window sash is closed, due to the incomplete installation of the hardware, there is a gap between the frame fans, and the airtightness of the whole window is poor, which may cause condensation in extreme weather. There is a simple test method for air tightness: a piece of A4 paper can be placed between the frame fans, and the window sash can be completely closed. If the A4 paper can be easily taken out, it means that the window is poorly airtight.