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Soda market trend

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Release on:2019-04-02
On the whole, the overall operation of the soda ash market in the late stage is relatively strong. The main rising resistance is:

1. There are fewer maintenance companies at present. It is expected that the maintenance plan will increase significantly in April, and the maintenance will be carried out in May-June. In addition, the government will increase the inspection of chemical products pollution or affect the downstream printing and dyeing of soda ash. The purchase plan for soda ash products has a greater impact on the price trend of soda ash.

2. The enthusiasm of downstream goods is low, mainly because the price of new soda producers has generally risen recently, and the previous orders are still following up, and there is hesitation in the current market; there is a new line in the float glass month. The ignition started, but the glass companies themselves have higher stocks and basically maintain stable production, which is more resistant to price increases. In addition, the downstream of light alkali is mainly small households, and the bargaining power in the face of price increases is weak, maintaining on-demand stocks.

3, ammonium chloride market turned better, the soda alkali enterprise soda ash is under pressure, in addition, the recent replacement of caustic soda prices continue to decline, the high-priced soda ash advantage is no longer, some downstream will use caustic soda as a substitute for production.

It is expected that the soda ash market will still push up slightly in the short term, but sufficient downstream stocks will make purchases actively slow down the limit. To this end, the increase in the outlook for the maintenance of enterprises in the market is expected to become the main factor supporting the price increase of the market.

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