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To teach you how to remove expired stickers from your windshield.

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirenufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-06-29
  All the owners will encounter such a disturbing thing, that is to clear the front windshield affixed to the various types of expired labels. With the hand is not clean, affixed to the front windshield of the sun film, and can not use plastic shovel knife shovel, the new logo stickers and cannot be affixed, often put the front windshield glass like a coloring, neither beautiful, nor safe. So, how to cleverly remove these expired logo stickers?
   Chemical Removal Method:
  "In fact, remove the front windshield of the logo affixed to the front, you can first use a hot towel to cover the car will be wet, and so it is soaked, some of the logo can be easily torn off." "There are owners of the introduction said," encountered a long time, adhesive strong logo stickers, if the front windshield glass is not affixed to the Sun film, you can use special cleaning fluid removal, such as asphalt cleaning agent. Without these scavengers, they can also be soaked with soapy water or detergent water, which can also be completely removed. ”
  If the front windshield glass affixed to the Sun film, you can use a towel dipped in a small amount of alcohol in the car standard repeatedly wipe, but must not be directly sprayed on the glass, otherwise it will damage the car film. Front windshield glass Whether or not affixed to the Sun film, can not use the blade and other sharp device to clear the logo stickers, otherwise it will scratch the glass or solar film, and a variety of bank cards, membership cards, telephone card is a good tool.
   Physical Removal Method:
  Physical removal is actually very simple, tools almost every family have, is used to hair dryer. The owner of the introduction said, if conditions permit, with a long line to plug the power supply to the outside, plug in the hair dryer, in the vicinity of the logo affixed with hot air back and forth, a moment, you can easily put a variety of stickers uncovered.
   Once and for all:
  There are now commercially available tools, such as electrostatic stickers or sucker stickers, for stickers. The electrostatic sticker is inexpensive, similar to the protection of mobile phone screen protection stickers, just a little larger than the size of the logo stickers, the owner can stick to the logo affixed to the electrostatic paste, and then put the electrostatic affixed to the front windshield, so paste up very firmly, the removal will not stick to the windscreen on the front windshield. The electrostatic paste is disposable, and the suction stick can be used repeatedly. The suction stick is similar to the ultra-thin photo frame, placing the logo on it, and then using the suction cup to attach the suction cup to the front windshield glass. These two tools are easy to install, although the electrostatic paste can not be recycled, but the relatively recyclable use of the suction stick, the use of more beautiful effect.