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What is the difference between insulating glass and vacuum glass?

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:www. glass. com. cn
  • Release on:2017-06-28
  What is the difference between insulating glass and vacuum glass? Vacuum Glass is the two pieces of flat glass sealed around, leaving the gap between the gap, vacuum and seal vent. Two pieces of glass are coated with a layer or two layer of transparent low radiation film. and hollow Glass called "hollow" is actually not empty, two layers of glass in the middle of "gas", in most cases, "gas" is the air, the quality of the better is argon gas, because the naked eye can not see the gas, so say "empty". Empty glass is the two layer of glass between the "vacuum", basically can be said to have no gas, is really empty. What is the difference between a hollow glass and a vacuum glass?
  What is the difference between insulating glass and vacuum glass? In contrast, the vacuum glass is superior to the performance of the insulating glass. Vacuum Glass has extraordinary thermal insulation performance, using it as a window glass, so that the winter room quickly warm, indoor heating is not easy to escape, reducing the cost of heating and air-conditioning use, saving energy. Indoor air-conditioning in summer, air conditioning is not easy to escape. Sound insulation performance, to prevent noise interference, create a quiet environment. In addition, in winter, even if the outdoor temperature is very low, window glass interior side is also difficult to dew, it ensures a clear vision, do not often wash dew glass.
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  Another feature of the vacuum glass is a lot thinner than the hollow glass, which can save installation space and window frame material. At the same time, as a result of good insulation performance, its dew-resistant condensation performance is also very good, can be removed from the window condensation fog caused by the scene and dew soaking window and other annoying things. Winter can reduce the feeling of cold before the window and the foot of the "surface wind" feeling.
  The compressive strength of the vacuum glass is about twice times that of the same glass made of insulating glass, but the impact strength is less than the insulating glass, which can be solved by combination of vacuum glass. For example, in the location of the need, can use laminated glass technology on either side of the vacuum glasses or with toughened glass to make up the impact strength and wind pressure strength is high safety vacuum glass. There is no doubt that costs will increase accordingly.
  As for the price, the price of ordinary insulating glass in 100-200 yuan/square meters, the quality of mixed. And insiders know that vacuum glass production process than insulating glass more complex, raw materials more expensive, the current production scale is smaller, so the price of vacuum glass than insulating glass more expensive. The vacuum glass has a double layer of three or four layers of glass, each of which is different, generally in 300-800 yuan/square meters.
  There are people in the industry, with the changes in the renovation trend, glass is indeed widely used, production technology has been greatly improved. beforeInsulating GlassEven need more than 1000 yuan per square meter, now, with the improvement of technology, has been reduced to one hundred or two hundred yuan per square metre. The vacuum glass is also reduced a lot. However, compared with other decoration materials, these two kinds of glass is more expensive, can be based on the needs of the decoration appropriate choice. In the home decoration, hollow and vacuum glass can be used in the balcony, door and windows, play the role of heat insulation, sound insulation, warmth.