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Traditional doors and Windows upgrades its wings: the Internet and the artisan spirit

fanyumaoyi 2017-04-18 11:08:13
  We must first sharpen his tools, all walks of life are so have a foothold with the spirit of originality manufacturing is the key to national prosperity. Door and window industry is the need to carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, tradesman who promoted from spiritual atmosphere, while Masahide in today\'s society the Internet, make good use of the Internet is an important part of traditional doors and Windows industry to take off.

  One of the wings: potters, craftsmen, soul

  Macroscopically speaking, manufacturing with originality spirit is a solid foundation for the economy as a whole, industrial and rejuvenating, speaking for industrial enterprises. With the spirit of originality manufacturing foothold in the development of the national economy, is the most proven and economic impact of this economy. Originality spirit is absorbed, skillfully carved craftsmanship, meticulous, excellence, will have to do things to the extreme. Artisan spirit connotation of three keywords:

  A dedicated, of the job is to have a kind of AWE, depending on the occupation of his life.

  Second, precision industry, is proficient in their own profession, superb, known as big country craftsmen, all of great talent who, in segments of the industry to achieve first world first.

  Third, dedication, and spirit of the job is to have a play, sacrifice and endure loneliness, defensible of the poor, not pushing, not just for the sake of Fame and fortune.

  The new era of \"artisan spirit\", is the embodiment of the spirit of the spirit of model workers, labor. All walks of life, there is a dedication, precision industry, contributing to the problem. All walks of life when it comes to originality spirit is to ban the most reminiscent of figures, and the idiom is \"unique\". Door and window industry now promote the spirit to pick up the Potter, not simply to make refined products do a detailed and more want to see industry enterprises on the spirit of ingenuity to promote, doors and Windows in China from the inside and lay stress on manufacturing, adhere to industrial Nations.

  Wings II: play Internet +, seizing opportunities

  With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, traditional door inherited craftsman spirit of enterprise at the same time, also to be integrated into the thinking of the Internet with the times. Chinese door and window companies are trying to break the \"traditional\" way, electronic networks connect directly to consumers. As we all know, \"Internet +\" brings not just a disruptive technological revolution, it is a way of thinking, behavior patterns and mode of shopping to reform. Correspondingly, when traditional doors and Windows on manufacturing \"Internet +\" is not merely a way to change the scene, the last network so simple, behind the technology, physical access, a sales and service concept innovation. In fact, the \"Internet + door\" the depth of integration, directly related to the degree of modernization of traditional Windows and doors manufacturing.

  Now, 4.0, the return of German industry manufacturing, manufacture 2025 have strongly advocated the development of manufacturing industry in China, only doors and Windows enterprise can do that, is the spirit of traditional artisans, and the integration of advanced Internet thinking to create others thought impossible possible, this is a way of faith, is a craftsman inherent stubbornness. Doors and Windows industry to pick up the Potter\'s time has come.