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Glass engraving techniques?

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-04-18
  Glass engraving process is easily broken, so glass engraving must be very careful. For the different types of glass, lead to different, its carving are not the same. With the increase in lead levels, hardness, high temperature viscosity reduction of the glass, the glass is more easily broken. Ordinary glass is usually easier to carve than crystal glass, because of the high content of lead-crystal glass, hardness, viscosity, increases the difficulty of laser engraving.

  Glass laser engraving process: when you touch the glass surface of the laser beam, heated glass surface, glass flying. No way if the glass cooled, heated pit is going to get bigger, the final carved effect will be as bad as the mud.

  Following recommended two laser engraving techniques, to solve the problem of glass melting:

  1, before the glass engraving, first wet the glass surface. Can get wet newspaper coverageGlassAnd also you can use cleaning fluid to wet glass, glass sculpture the effect will be better. But need to be aware of is that water will soon destroy the glass surface.

  2, through our Proofing tests, in front of a glass sculpture, using protective foils or adhesive tape covering the glass surface, carved works best that way.

  If need to sand the workpiece engraving, laser engraving machines can also be quickly made a proper carving template: will protect the paint directly on the glass, then use laser engraving the tracing pattern.

  If you are processing a domed glass, must choose a longer focus wavelengths, such as focusing wavelengths of 2.5 inches. Because the more focused wavelengths long, larger work area. Then position the focal point in the center position, so focus point can get a very good engraving effect.