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Two ways to protect the glass surface

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-01-03
  Daily life, glass furnaces are very widely used, purpose and effect is huge, but if not properly protected, is can cause damage to glass. In order to reduce bruising and finished glass mold, in the glass surface of the flow to the cold end are generally required to take protective measures: anti-mildew agent, PU coated paper, dusting, sweeping up broken glass, lateral breaking before and after the use of slow roller and air slide, and so on.
  1 glass mold, glass mold processing will affect performance; reducing the transparency of glass, optical properties, the appearance of deterioration, and cannot be used in coating, mirror and other processing operations; reducing the mechanical strength of glass; serious mildew appeared touched, an entire box of glass scrap. Cold end of the current method to prevent glass mold clamping method, antifungal powder, antifungal liquid method.
  Jammed paper can absorb water and prevent the glass surface to form a large area of water, so as to effectively prevent the glass surface mold. Protective effect of paper with increases of mass per unit area of the paper. Paper method to have a certain effect, but the mold effectively short storage expired, acidic mildew-proof paper on the glass "grain", easy to clean. Paper jam in boxing is artificial, can also cut broke off after the Pu Pu paper, paper machines.
  Method of mold powder on the glass surface spray insulation powder mildew, is a cost-effective and simple surface protection measures are widely used. In powder before applying electrostatic spraying powder, the powder evenly and firmly adsorbed on the surface of the glass.
  Mold method this method uses the suppressing effect of Divalent ions, and even water vapour on glass surface not easily condensed, and in the absence of strong waterproof layer formed on the surface of glass and "grain". Method two: in mist form is a mold liquid sprayed onto the glass surface; another will mold the liquid covered with soft rubber coated roller coating to the glass surface. Antifungal liquid natural drying is applied.
  2, to prevent the glass surface injuries largely glass in production, transportation,Glass plateBetween relative displacements between the glass and other equipment. Air cleaning device breaking at the end of the process after the end of air conditioning cleaning device on the surface of glass blowing. Jammed paper hardness is much smaller than the surface hardness of glass, between the glass plates, glass machinery due to sliding wear can be avoided injury. Air slide due to the float glass transportation in air, and no relative mechanical conveying equipment, thus avoiding mechanical abrasive on the surface of the glass.