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Tempered glass door installation: standard construction to avoid explosion hazards

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-27
  Tempered glass is a high wind resistance, cold resistance, impact glass, even broken, fragments are even smaller particles, rather than regular broken glass left by the knife-like horns, made of tempered glass door is considered safety glass door. Even so, tempered glass doors glass there are still 3 per thousand since the burst rate, in addition to the quality of tempered glass, installation integrity is related to an important factor of security.
  1. dash positioning
  Dash is mainly as a reseller of pin-hole plate and spring axis of rotation connecting plate location.Tempered glassDoors of metal rungs, dash to finish it in two metal rungs.
  2. cut glass
  Tempered glass doors if they are not installed, then rework is in trouble, so time to start measuring accuracy. Tempered glass measurements include width, height, two glass panels. When measuring the width of the glass on the bottom, middle, top, measured separately, select minimum size as the cutting width. If data from the top, middle and bottom line, then narrowed the size measured in 3-5mm as glass cutting width. Similarly, the height of the glass insert top and bottom cross rail mounting area should be included, so the average intake is less than the measured data 3-5mm of cutting.
  After cutting to size glass panels are usually necessary to chamfer the corners. If the chamfer is workers, in order to prevent edge collapse from breakage, preferably using fine grinding wheel slowly grinding operations.
  3. fixed bottom
  Glass door there are two backing material, a wooden backing, there is also a aluminum square tube. First stainless steel finishes bottom of wood can be fixed with wooden wedges and nail if it is aluminum square tube, you can use the aluminium corner box, wooden wedges can also be embedded, using wood screws should be fixed on the wooden wedge.
  4. install glass doors
  Glass suction cup glass first Scriptures of glass in place. Insert the door frame glass upper limit slots, then the lower glass plate placed inside the lip sewing on bottom face. On the bottom wood nails on wood, from the 4mm of wood painted on glass surface adhesive, the glass plate is fixed on the bottom.
  5. glue seals
  Fixed glass panels of thick, limit slots at the top and bottom fixing, as well as glass and box column joints and so on adhesive seal. Plastic squeegee in the glass on both sides of the seam flat and wipe the residue. Wipe the remnants to be careful and try not to use blades and other sharp objects.
  6. fix door spreaders
  Door height is determined, rungs on both sides of the glass and access gaps, insert wooden strips from both sides, tapping a solid in a small wood, doors glass between the rungs and formation of cracks in the injected plastic glass, remnants used as methods.
  7. fixed active door
  Tempered glass door jamb bar has a locating pin, pin of the adjustment screw must be adjusted over the plane 1-2mm. Glass door to vertical, Rotary pin in the door bottom rail connector holes aligned with the spring rotation pin, turn the doors of the hole in the Rotary pin on the shaft. Door rotate 90 °, and door beams at a right angle, rungs on the door turn the connector holes in the locating pins on the frame beams and alignment pin into the hole in the 15mm.
tempered glass
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