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Use of a variety of processing glass

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-07-19
Embossed glass also known as pattern glass and rolling glass, mainly used for doors and windows, indoor space, bath and other places. Embossed glass surface has a pattern, can be transmitted light, with transparent opaque characteristics, has excellent decorative effect. The perspective of the embossed glass varies with distance and pattern. Its perspective can be divided into almost transparent visible, slightly transparent visible, almost invisible and completely obscured invisible. Its types are divided into embossed glass, embossed vacuum aluminum-coated glass, three-dimensional embossing glass, color film embossed glass and so on. The thickness is $number mm. Its specifications are more, divided into diamond embossed, square embossing. In the installation of the pattern facing the inside, can prevent dirt.
   glass railing
Insulating Glass is composed of two or two layers of ordinary flat glass, surrounded by high-strength, high-gas-dense composite binder, two pieces or more pieces of glass and sealing strip, glass adhesive sealing, filling in the middle of the dry gas, the box filled with desiccant to ensure that the glass air drying, with good insulation, insulation, noise and other properties. Mainly used for heating, air-conditioning, anechoic facilities of the outer glass decoration. Its optical properties, thermal conductivity, sound insulation coefficient should be in line with national standards.
   GlassAlso called tempered glass. It is the use of heating to a certain temperature after rapid cooling methods, or chemical methods for special treatment of glass. Its characteristics are high strength, its flexural strength, impact strength than ordinary flat glass $number times. The safety performance is good, has the uniform internal stress, after breaking the net crack. Mainly used for doors and windows, spacing walls and cupboard doors, the general thickness of $number mm.
Rings nickname is broken glass. It is the ordinary flat glass heated to red heat softening state, and then preheat the processed wire or barbed wire into the middle of the glass. Its characteristics are superior fire performance, can cover the flames, high temperature combustion does not burst, fragmentation will not cause debris damage. There is also anti-theft performance, glass cut and barbed wire block, mainly used in roof skylights, balcony windows.
High-performance insulating glass In addition to the two layers of glass sealed between the dry air, but also on the outside coating a layer of good thermal properties of special metal film, it can block the sun ultraviolet radiation into the indoor energy. Its characteristic is has the good energy saving effect, the heat insulation, the heat preservation, improves the interior environment. Appearance has a variety of colors, rich in excellent decorative art value.
Glass mosaic is also known as glass brocade brick or cellophane leather brick, it is a small size of colored decorative glass, belong to a variety of colors of small pieces of glass inlay material, the appearance of a colorless transparent, transparent, translucent, with gold, silver spots, patterns or stripes. The front gloss is smooth and delicate, with a coarser groove on the back so that it can be pasted with mortar. The product is soft, simple, elegant, beautiful and generous, with chemical stability, good and cold stability, and other advantages, but also has no discoloration, dust, light weight, bonding and other characteristics, more for indoor parts, balcony outside the decoration. Its compressive strength, tensile strength, water resistance, acid resistance should be in line with national standards.
Laminated glass is a kind of safety glass. It is in two or more pieces of flat glass, embedded in transparent plastic sheet, and then by hot-pressing bonding of the flat or curved composite glass products. Its main characteristics are good security, broken, glass fragments are not scattered splash, can only produce radiation-like cracks, not hurt people. Anti-impact strength is better than ordinary flat glass, good offense, and has a light, heat, humidity, cold, sound insulation and other special functions, more used to the doors and windows bordering the outside.