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Classification of automotive Safety Glass

Fanyumaoyi Chinamirrormanufacturer. com 2017-07-19 10:15:55
Car Safety glass is divided into laminated glass, tempered glass and regional tempered glass three kinds, is made of glass original piece two times processing. Car windshield glass is generally used for better safety, in addition to the front windshield, automotive glass is tempered glass.
In simple terms, the original piece of glass after heating, blowing cold wind and other processes after the production of tempered glass. After the ordinary glass is "changed", not only the strength increases, but also the internal structure changes. When the impact of destructive external shocks, resulting in glass rupture, it will not form a sharp edge, but the fragmentation of a lot of small fragments, each fragment is the first blow cold wind formed the tempered point.
Laminated glass, usually made of two or more layers of two. It is safe because there is a layer of PVB film between the glass a cohesive, flexible polymer material. When the glass breaks, the PVB film will stick the glass fragments together, so that the glass fragments do not scatter and hurt people, and ensure that the driver has a certain vision to deal with the emergency situation. In addition, the laminated glass after the addition of PVB film flexibility, penetration resistance enhanced, which in a way to prevent the driver in the emergency brake due to inertia too big and will head out of the window.
The area tempered glass, generally uses it to make the automobile's front windshield, the security is inferiorLaminated, but it is cheaper for carmakers. Ordinary tempered glass is not suitable to do before the windshield, because it will be broken into a pile of bits, like waterfalls generally drop, blocking the driver's sight, is not conducive to emergency treatment situation. In this way, some middle-and-low cars choose regional tempered glass. When the glass breaks, the driver's view part of the glass will be similar to the size of the lens fragments, to ensure that the driver has a certain vision to prevent two of accidents.