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Visit summary--Lisa

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-03-22
  After a week of plant study, I have a deep understanding of our company's products. From raw materials to production processes, packaging and then to the final packing, transport, I had the opportunity to participate in practice, realize that the "theory of three points, seven practice" means. Meanwhile, the combination of practice and work on weekdays, theory and practice, so that we can fully convey the characteristics of our products to the customers.

  By observing the tempered glass, aluminum mirror, silver mirror, magnifying glass, such as production processes, I have further deepened the understanding of the process.

  Tempered glass production process:

  Tempered glass all drilling, cutting, milling and processing must be completed prior to tempering, upon completion of the processing of raw glass after mechanical cleaning and drying steel finish tempered glass production. After tempering glass with high strength, widely used in architectural decoration industry.

  Magnifying glass production technology:

  Raw glass in accordance with customer requests cutting diameter circle, after briefly edging into mechanical thermal bend into a certain curve, qualified after the normal mirror production process processing, film, paper, packaging, and packing.

  Silver mirror glass, production processes are as follows:

  Upper → wash → washing → sensitivity → polishing passivation → drying → → → silver plated cream primer → primer → drying → drying → get paint topcoat paint curing cooling → → → → → packing under mirror cleaning.

  Aluminum mirror glass, production processes are as follows:

  Upper → wash → washing → sensitivity → polishing passivation → drying → → → aluminum leaching primer → primer → drying → drying → get paint topcoat paint curing cooling → → → → → packing under mirror cleaning.

  Mirror large production such as no other process requirements can be jammed packed.

  Mirror large production is completed as required as a raw material for cutting, milling and processing, they must go through after precise calculations, workers use a professional tool to cut large, also have automated machinery for machine cutting. Edging is in accordance with customer requirements of different styles choose milling machines for processing.

  In all production process ends if required we could film, paper, and packaging. Factories have a automatic laminating machine, heat shrinkable film packaging machine, there are professional Packers to meet customers ' different needs.

  Production of tempered glass or mirror-mounted plywood or wood boxes in a warehouse for storage, for boxing.

  Factories in two warehouses, equipped with a container, stacked in a warehouse if the goods by forklift directly through the warehouse door mounted inside the container.

  Defective products will arise during the production process, such as lightning, bubble, boom, impurities, these problems will affect the quality of our products, corresponding to these conditions, our technicians develop different coping strategies. Improve the training of workers on, standardized actions, strengthen the maintenance of machinery in order to improve the qualification rate of products.

  Through a few days of observation and study, I saw our efficient production processes and quality, this is due to the workers and strict attitude and wealth of experience in the production of products of our company. Skilled workers, high level of automation equipment and rigorous working conditions for all employees to create a high quality jade crystal glass mirror. In these few days I learned not only the wealth of product knowledge, there is our enterprise spirit, mutual care among employees, helped me a lot. Foreign trade work in the future, I will make full use of product knowledge learned, closer to the customers of our jade glass mirror features advantages and further improve their ability to work.

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