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Wire, wire glass definition

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-03-22
  Wire, glass wire is by calendering methods, made of wire or metal mesh embedded in the glass, a plate glass with special features. Because the wire inside the vitreous or network, the integrity of the flat glass has been greatly improved. Destroyed to avoid total collapse, and thus has a role in fire protection and security. The downside of this kind of glass is a bad perspective, because of its internal screen, has some effect on the Visual interference, then in the glass edges bare wires are corroded. Clamping wire, wireGlassSecurity embodied in the destroyed remains of the integrity, fragments of glass not fly under the wire will be pulled, reducing the harm to the human body. Can be used in skylights, roof, interior partitions and other debris could easily lead to injury for the occasion. Due to folder screen glass not been penetrated, also used for door and window glass the anti-theft function. Wire, wire glass can also be used as the secondary doors fireproof materials used. Ordinary glass thermal fracturing is shattered when the fire occurred, causing the air flow and the fire spread. Folder screen of glass produced in the fire burst, but not because of the support of metal wire or avalanche penetrated, can to a considerable extent to maintain integrity, preventing the flow of air, fire spread have better resistance to explain briefly. Wire, glass wire also applied to shockproof, high requirements such as earthquake protection of buildings and factories and other buildings of industrial vibration. Wire, wire glass to improve the fragile nature of brittleness of flat glass, is a cheap, used a wide range of architectural glass.