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What are the specifications for curtain wall glass installation?

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-07-12
  In fact, speaking of curtain wall glass, we are not unfamiliar. Wall Glass is a new type of wall, which endows architectural aesthetics, architectural function, building energy saving and architectural structure, and so on, and the buildings have different hues from different angles, and the changes of sunshine, moonlight and Lamplight give us a dynamic beauty. The next little series will introduce you to the curtain wall glass installation specifications and related knowledge.
   Curtain Wall Glass-Introduction
  The glass curtain wall (reflection glass curtainwall) refers to the building periphery retaining structure or decoration structure which is composed of a certain displacement ability and does not share the function of the main structure of the supporting structure system. The wall has two kinds of single-layer and double glazing. The glass curtain wall is a kind of beautiful and novel decoration method of building wall, and it is the remarkable characteristic of the era of modernism high-rise building.
   Curtain Wall Glass-action
  The glass curtain wall of modern high-rise building adopts the mirrorGlassIn combination with ordinary glass, the compartment is filled with insulating glass with dry air or inert gas. The insulating glass has two and three layers, and the two layers of insulating glass are sealed with two layers of glass, forming a interlayer space, and three layers of glass are composed of three layers of glass. Insulating Glass has the advantages of sound insulation, heat insulation, frost-proof, moisture-proof, wind-pressure strength and so on. It is measured that when the outdoor temperature is-10 ℃, the temperature at the front of the Single-layer glass window is 2 ℃, while the indoor temperature of three-layer insulating glasses is 13 ℃. In hot summer, the two-layer insulating glass can block 90% of the solar radiation heat. The sun can still penetrate the glass curtain wall, but most of the sun will not feel hot. The use of hollow glass curtain wall room can be done in winter warm summer cool, greatly improving the living environment.
tempered glass
  Curtain wall Glass Installation-Requirements
   Sealing material
  Glass and glass between the use of weather-resistant silicone sealant, glass and metal structure between the use of structural silicone adhesive bonding. In building point-type glass technology, sealant only plays a role in sealing, without the strength calculation. The compatibility test of adhesive and contact material must be carried out before use, the performance test is qualified, and it is used within the validity period to ensure the construction quality.
   Supporting materials
  The thickness of the main stress part of the column section shall conform to the following requirements:
  1. The thickness of the section openings of aluminum profiles shall not be less than 3.0mm, the thickness of the closed parts should not be less than 2.5mm; The local thickness should not be less than the nominal diameter of the screw when the thread is directly connected between the hole wall and the screw.
  2. The thickness of the main stress part of the section of the steel profile should not be less than 3.0mm.
  3), to the eccentric compression column, its section width ratio should conform to the jgj102-2003 "Glass curtain wall Engineering Technical Specification" 6th. 2.1 corresponding provisions. Glass condition
   Glass condition
  1, the glass curtain wall should use the reflection ratio not greater than 0.30 of the curtain wall glass, to have the daylighting function request glass curtain wall, its daylighting reduction coefficient is unfavorable below 0.20.
  2, frame supporting glass curtain wall, it is advisable to use safety glass.
  3, point support glass curtain Wall panel glass should adopt tempered glass.
  4, using glass rib support point support glass curtain wall, the glass rib should use tempered glass.