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What are the ways to increase the strength of the glass?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-07-17
There are many ways to increase the strength of the glass. The common methods are as follows:

1. Select suitable glass components, such as adding strong and tightly-structured components, adding high-elasticity components, and adding elastic bonds.

2. Improved process regimes such as ultra-high temperature melting, vacuum and pressure treatment to eliminate micro-non-uniformities in the structure, accelerated cooling and pressurized cooling to prevent micro-phase and structural positive sequence and visible and invisible crystallization.

3, surface treatment, such as pickling, ion exchange, surface coating and so on.

4, surface irradiation, such as the use of thermal neutrons to irradiate the glass containing isotope components, the production of new elements and nuclear reactions, because the radius of the ions of the elements produced and the atomic radius is smaller than the original composition,glassThe structure is dense and enhanced; it can also be irradiated with r-rays. For example, the vertical modulus of the window glass is increased by the r-ray, which is due to the diffusion of the network adjustment, which fills up the defects in the structure and reduces the structural defects. The intensity is thus increased.

In the above method, the glass composition, the improved production process, and the irradiation treatment are all limited, so the currently widely used glass reinforcement method is surface treatment.