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When the weather is coming, what should I pay attention to in the construction of silicone rubber

Fanyu 2018-07-16 16:20:38
On the 17th, the first day of this year will be ushered in. The hot weather will be reopened, and the range of high temperature impact will affect many provinces. Meteorologists said that this will be a very high-temperature process with a wide range and strong intensity this year.

Under such high temperature exposure environment, there are often problems in the use of building silicone sealants, such as blistering, especially neutral.glassglue. Why is it easier to foam in summer? How to avoid it?

For the reason of the rubber foaming in summer, there are basically the following three types with specific solutions.

First, the substrate is wet, causing foaming

It is rainy in the south in the summer. If it is used for outdoor construction after rainfall, the interface inside is wet and not directly injected. When the sun shines on the bonding substrate and the glue joint, the temperature inside the interface rises, and the moisture inside the glue seam evaporates, which will be uncured. The softer seams are blistering, and sometimes the foam of the polyethylene foam pad can cause foaming of the seams.

Countermeasure: During construction, you should not be willing to make progress. Wait until the interface is dry and then add glue to avoid it.

Second, the substrate temperature is too high

In the summer, the surface temperature of the construction substrate will be higher, and when the silicone rubber is cured, the temperature of the bonded material should not exceed 50 °C.

Once the surface temperature of the substrate exceeds 50 ° C, the glue will cause foaming, which will be encountered in the weathering caulking of the metal curtain wall.

In the hot summer, when the sun shines on the metal plate, especially the surface temperature of the aluminum plate will reach 80 ° C, at this time, the glue injection will easily cause the glue joint to foam.

Countermeasures: Construction should be selected in the evening or on cloudy days to avoid foaming due to high substrate temperature.

Third, uncured glass glue in the sun

Generally, silicone rubber can't be exposed to the sun before it is cured. Especially when the glue is just finished, the sun will be exposed to the sun, which will cause honeycomb bubbles inside the glue joint, which will cause the external seam of the glue joint. Silicone glue will be more noticeable when used.

This is very likely to occur during hot summer construction. It is recommended to avoid sun exposure when applying glue to relieve foaming.

Countermeasures: In the morning, glue on the west or north side of the building, and in the afternoon on the east or south side of the building. After the injection, the glue is solidified for a period of time, the surface layer has been crusted, and when the sun is exposed again, it has a certain resistance, and there will be some relief to the foaming phenomenon.