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What is the role of the bottom of the glass bottle?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Https://www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-08-15
Everyone knows that the bottom of the wine bottle is recessed. Does it have any effect on this recess? Why is it recessed under the bottle? What are the reasons for recessing wine bottles?

The glass bottles of the wine were born in the early 17th century, and the glass bottles were champagne. In 1724, the French government allowed the bottled fermented champagne to go on sale. On May 25, 1728, the champagne was sold under the permission of the king and sold overseas. In 1728, the French official officially approved the use of glass bottles to fill wine sales. Therefore, the early wine bottles are champagne bottles, and today's wine bottles continue the traditional craftsmanship and shape of champagne bottles.

Therefore, there are several reasons for the appearance of the concave bottom of the bottle:

1. The concave bottom is to improve the impact ability of the bottle. The reason is that the flat bottom bottle has poor resistance performance, and the concave bottom bottle has high physical strength, which can greatly reduce the probability of collision and damage.

2. The uniform base formed around the concave bottom improves the stability of the bottle when standing.

3, the concave bottom can reduce the internal volume of the bottle, making the bottle look more atmospheric.

What is the role of the bottom of the bottle?

1. The concave bottom is conducive to the operation of the champagne bottle when removing the mud, because the thumb is inserted into the groove to make the bottle easier to operate when it is rotated with other fingers, and it is also convenient for the dining and drinking service.

2, the age of red wine can be longer, the use of concave bottom pressure bottle is safer, it is easier to separate the sediment of old wine when drinking.

In fact, the bottom of the wine bottle is a cultural heritage, the main role is the pressure resistance, high strength, and secondly, it is easy to precipitate the wine of the aged wine. In addition, it is also conducive to the stability and removal of the pre-drink. The deep bottom of the bottle does not mean that it is good wine, nor does it affect the quality of the wine.

Traditionally, deeper wine bottles suggest that this bottle has good ageing potential, but in this market economy, the bottle is just a container and does not represent the quality of the wine. Nowadays, driven by commercial interests, the wine industry is mixed, and some bad producers deliberately use deeper wine bottles to hold ordinary wines as a marketing tool in order to deceive consumers.

Therefore, consumers should polish their eyes when buying wine, and don't be fooled by some illusions. Usually the bottom of the sparkling wine is deep and the walls are thick. The deep weight of the champagne bottle has a high compressive strength. It is also an explosion-proof bottle. In addition, it can reduce the volume and volume. The same 750mL capacity, the bottle is much larger than other wines, it is more gas and texture.