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What kind of glass vase is suitable to be placed at home

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirenufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-06-22
  Many people in the purchase of vases, will first look at the shape of the vase, color is their favorite. But too many of the choice of vases are too complex, instead of the beauty of flowers to go down. However, the small part of the proposal to choose glass vases, glass transparent texture, will set off the flowers more beautiful, will not appear too dazzling. And it will be a good blend with the room to become a part of the room.
   What kind of glass vase is suitable to be placed at home?
   GlassVases decorated houses should be chosen according to their room's space and the shape and size of the furniture. If the living room is relatively small, can not choose the size of the vase too large, to avoid the feeling of crowding depressed. can use "dot-like decoration method", in the appropriate position to display exquisite exquisite vases, just play embellishment, enhanced decorative effect. Large space can choose larger vases, such as a half person high floor vase, or the allocation of colored glass vases, can play a decorative effect, make the room elegant and chic.
  Crystal vases are more often seen, but also the most used in the home life, some exquisite crystal vases with some of the methods of grinding sand to show the intricate patterns, increase the texture of the crystal vase, even if placed on a separate will not feel lonely. Some transparent glass vases, which have not been added to the drawing, look very nice, and will also be a beautiful ornament at home.