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Little common sense about glass, you know?

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirenufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-06-21
  Coated glass is also called reflective glass, coated glass is coated on the glass surface or multilayer metal, alloy or metal compound film to change the optical properties of glass, to meet a specific requirements.
   Coated glassAccording to the different characteristics of the product, can be divided into the following categories: Thermal reflective glass, low radiation glass (lower-e), conductive film glass and so on. Thermal reflective glass is generally coated on the surface of the glass or multi-layer, such as chromium, titanium or stainless steel and other metal or its compounds composed of film, so that the product is rich in color, for visible light has a proper transmission rate, the infrared has a higher reflectivity, high absorption rate of ultraviolet rays, therefore, also known as sunlight control glass, mainly used in construction and glass curtain wall, low radiation glass is coated on the glass surface by a layer of silver, copper or tin and other metal or its compounds of the film system, the product of visible light has a higher transmittance, High reflectivity to infrared, with good thermal insulation performance, mainly used in construction and vehicles, ships and other means of transport, due to poor film strength, generally made of hollow glass used; conductive film glass is coated on the surface of the glass conductive film, can be used for glass heating, defrosting, mist removal and as a liquid crystal display.
  There are many production methods of coated glass, including vacuum magnetron sputtering, vacuum evaporation, chemical meteorological product and Sol-gel method. Magnetron sputtering coated glass using magnetron sputtering technology can be designed and manufactured multi-layer complex film system, on the white glass substrate plating a variety of colors, the film layer corrosion resistance and wear-resisting performance is better, is currently the production and use of the most products. The variety and quality of vacuum evaporation coating glass have a certain gap compared with magnetron sputtering glass, which has been replaced by vacuum sputtering gradually. Chemical vapor deposition method is in the float glass production line through the reaction gas on the hot glass surface decomposition, evenly deposited on the glass surface to form coated glass. The method is characterized by less equipment input, easy regulation, low product cost, good chemical stability and hot processing, which is one of the most promising production methods at present. The process of producing the coated glass by Sol-Gel method is simple, the stability is good, the product light transmission ratio is too high and the decorative property is poor.
  The most widely used coating glass is thermal reflective glass and low radiation glass. Basically, vacuum magnetron sputtering and chemical vapor deposition were used to produce two kinds of production methods.
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