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Why are many hotel bathrooms made of transparent glass

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirenufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-07-06
  Do you have this experience? Whether with same-sex friends or heterosexual friends to travel together, when staying in the hotel room, you will have a little inexplicable embarrassment, not for what? But that bathroom and bathroom, unexpectedly is make transparent glass of kind, even if not fully transparent tempered glass, but instead of a kind of frosted glass partition, but that kind of translucent hazy feeling with full transparency of the visual sense, is not the same embarrassment?
  So why do you think the hotel chose to partition the bathrooms with glass instead of brick walls? Believe that many people first feel that because it is a hotel, so certainly want to make some fun, so that the men and women who come to open the room have a memorable memory? But in fact this is only a very one-sided idea. In fact, in the science of interior design can be attributed to the following points:
   1, cost-effective:As we all know, the cost of glass is much cheaper than that of brick walls, and the tiles that need to be plastered on the brick wall are not added. And you think it's a whole piece of glass with a bathroom that feels taller? is a common brick wall and tile? The answer is obvious, not only low cost, but also beautiful high-end, as the hotel owner, you will know that there is no need to choose the latter!
   2, increase the visual, reduce the sense of oppression: AdoptGlassInstead of a brick wall you can make the room look larger and the glass compartment is thinner. Compared with the brick wall partition can save nearly 10 centimeters of thickness, and the glass clapboard appears the whole room more transparent. Visually it seems to feel more spacious, but also reduced a lot of oppression, make people relaxed and happy.
   3. Save ENERGY:Believe that when you were young, you would like to be on the light when you are sleeping. So as the hotel guests, whether there is a fear of black habits, are more or less because they do not need to pay the extra electricity and not pay attention to whether or not to close the bathroom lights, thus wasting energy. So if the bathroom is glass wall partition, if not off the lantern to attract guests attention, to promote the guests turn off the lights to sleep.
   4, Security improvement:It may be that few people think about it, but everyone will feel the same. I believe we have such "experience" in watching so many TV dramas and movies. That's the A other people you enter into your room, and you may sneak away your belongings while you're bathing in the bathroom or doing something, and when you really get out of the shower, the man is already gone. But if it is such a glass partition of the bathroom, then everything in the room, when you bathe in the bath, or everything in control, at least to the greatest extent, reduce the risk of loss of property. Is this not a "progress" in improving security?
   5, Improve the mood:Finally speaking of the first impression of everyone, I believe that I do not have to say more. Transparent glass, everything in the bathroom has become a beautiful scenery inside the room. Of course, only for the opposite sex, if it is two people of the same sex, then can only give a word "basic feeling."
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