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Why does hollow glass butyl rubber appear carbonization phenomenon

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2018-04-10
TheFirst, the factors of drawing carbonization of hollow glass butyl rubber:
1, the temperature of the plastic box is too high, some equipment used for a long time, the temperature control failure occurs, the actual temperature is lower than the display temperature, or the temperature is too high to play a controlling role, resulting in damage to the gel, resulting in the phenomenon of drawing, a long time Carbonization will occur, leading to equipment clogging and destruction of the gel;
2, butyl rubber tank surface of the adhesive layer carbonization;
3, the thermal stability of hollow glass butyl rubber itself is not good;
4, butyl rubber in the tank inside repeated heating for a long time;
5. There are two different types of hollow glass hot melt adhesives inside the tank.
TheSecond, solve the method of drawing carbonization of hollow glass butyl rubber:
1. The temperature of the glue is set according to the specified technical parameter value;
2. Check the difference between temperature control and actual temperature when abnormal phenomena such as carbonization occur;
3, the lid of the tank closed at any time, so as not to surface contact with high-temperature butyl rubber and fresh air, accelerated oxidation, has long been repeatedly heated hollow glass butyl rubber is better cleaned out after a new plastic;
4, do not use two different natureInsulating glassButyl rubber.
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