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Teach you how to decorate the balcony with glass?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2018-04-12
For the decoration of the balcony, many people will find the open balcony more spacious, and the lighting will be better, but many people will no longer choose open, because the security issues, and the other is the use of space, so more people Selected closed balcony. Then how to install a closed balcony will look better? What should pay attention to the balcony decoration? Let's take a look.
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TheHow to install a closed balcony will look better?
1, delicate balcony study: the balconyglassBlocked with wood and become a small study in the home, the green leaves outside the window seem to be within reach, and it seems that they will enter the room immediately. How natural and the bedroom is to be combined in the small space of the balcony. In order to save space, the desks, bookshelves and filing cabinets can be designed to be small and chic, which not only provides full functionality, but also does not occupy much space.
2, to stay in a green space: In modern homes, people tend to stay away from nature, so demand in the space to add some green. If you like to cultivate flowers and cultivate grass, you can design the corner of the balcony as a flower and grass exhibition area. The green small brick on the wall is a good setting. Although the area is limited, it can provide a good place for leisure and fitness for the host family.
3, the use of brick balcony decoration: the top of the balcony can use traditional Chinese architecture in the "hanging beam" of the tactics, to make two red eucalyptus "false beam." The walls use façade tiles, while the floor is made of simple Spanish tiles. How the interior and exterior contact, the depth of the design, will make the atmosphere of the entire balcony unusual.
4, curved top do not hesitate to take advantage of: do not assume that the balcony area is larger and located on the top floor, it should belong to the "sun terrace." However, adding a transparent curved roof to the balcony will allow the balcony to count as a room. Sunlight passes through the lighting panel to the wall made of civilized stone, and the blue stone paved the ground to illuminate the cobblestone path. These gardening techniques are used on the balcony and will give people a deep leisure. breath.
5, double balcony decoration points: There are many houses have two or even three balconies, in the design of home decoration, double balcony should be separated from the primary and secondary, should not be "Tengong tunnel." The balcony adjacent to the living room and the main bedroom is the main balcony. In the use of decoration materials, it is not much different from the living room. The more commonly used materials are laminate flooring, floor tiles, etc. Assuming that the blockade is done well, carpets can also be laid. The wall and the top of the wall are commonly used with interior latex paint. The variety and style should be consistent with the living room and master bedroom. The second balcony is adjacent to the kitchen or communicates with the living room and the room outside the master bedroom. The function of the sub-balconies is such as storage and clothes. Therefore, this balcony can be decorated without encapsulation, the floor should use non-slippery non-slip tiles, and the top and walls with exterior paint. For easy storage, lockers can be arranged on the sub-balconies to store debris.
TheWhat should pay attention to the balcony decoration?
1, style color. The color matching of the wall tiles in the balcony should be coordinated with the exterior wall. The size of the floor tiles and wall tiles should be determined according to the size of the balcony. Second, the design of the balcony needs the interior colors to match each other. Since the balcony is an indoor and outdoor transition area, not only the color of the exterior wall but also the interior design style and color must be matched in the design process. There are no more than four colors in the design of the balcony. Excessive colors can cause visual fatigue.
2, drainage. Some painters can be placed on the balcony, either to plant flowers or plants, or to plant pots, or to raise birds and raise fish. A water hopper is generally installed for watering and cleaning, and floor drains must be kept in case of accident.
3, bearing. In some homes with a small living area, it is common to use a covered balcony as a home. Many people changed their balconies into children's rooms or kitchens, restaurants, etc. However, it should be noted that the picked-up balcony load-bearing capacity is limited, and it is not possible to shelve too heavy furniture and objects, otherwise it will affect the stability of the building and the safety of living. In addition, due to the ever-changing urban natural environment, the balcony As a living room, we must pay attention to wind and moisture.
4, waterproof. It is also a popular trend to use the balcony as a leisure place. Raising flowers and plants on the balcony can not only add a green environment to the interior but also purify the indoor air. However, when cultivating flowers and plants, the waterproof layer of the balcony needs to be well-maintained to ensure the smooth drainage system and to prevent the infiltration of stagnant water into the living room. In addition, flowers and grass need to be selected for plants that resist drought and radiation, and need to be isolated from the living room during planting. In order to avoid insects into the room.The
The enclosed balcony looks more stylish and beautiful, and the space can be better utilized. The above is about how the enclosed balcony will be more beautiful and what the balcony decoration should pay attention to, we can specifically understand.