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4 to solve fogging insulating glass

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-16
  Installer level

  Basic fabrication process of hollow glass glass cleaning, filling sieve, butyl sealant coating, film, composed of second sealant coating and other areas. Every aspect and the choice of materials, the proficiency of the operator and the processing quality.
insulating glass
  Glass washing

  Cleaning glass insulating glass production is the first step, but also guarantee the sealing of insulating glass of one of the most important parts. If sweat and oil on glass delays cannot be thoroughly cleaned off sealant adhesion to glass will be greatly weakened, thus reducing sealing of insulating glass. Now in production, many manufacturers, especially smaller factories, often enough attention to clean glass, resulting in a large number of unqualified products into the market.

  Desiccant selection

  When choosing a desiccant desiccant must be considered integrated in nature. Desiccant selection with the selection of the type of insulating glass sealant directly must be combined.

  Insulating glassEdge seal failure, means that the doors and Windows to lose proper function, not only the performance does not meet requirements of energy-saving doors and Windows, and consumers outside the air layer to see through fog, affects the transparency of glass and reducing effect. The fog for a long time can make the glass surface mildew or alkali deposition, blaze, seriously affecting the appearance quality of the insulating glass. Thus, selecting high quality insulating glass sealant is the key to preventing fogging insulating glass.

  Selection of insulating glass sealant shall conform to the national or industrial standards, and double-layer hollow glass first and second sealant should be fit, not miscible or reaction, or likely to lead to contamination on glass surface, even aging.

  Double-layer hollow glass coating

  Tablets are manufactured double insulated glass in the middle part. Butyl rubber coating before, determine the quality of insulating glass. If a gap exists between the two sealants can cause leakage. While attention should be spread too thin second sealant. In the installation after a period of time, the role of changes in ambient temperature, sunlight and wind pressure, sealant can crack, even tiny cracks, water vapor will tend to slowly into the adhesive layer, forming fog seal loss of sealing.