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Frameless glass door features and prices

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-16
  Glass doors are often people feel Dim and dream, attitude is simple, and can be combined freely and let the space even more inspiration. Frameless glass door because of a lack of border parcel, all of special glass materials, in addition to skillfully across space, divided into different functional areas, the visual perception can increase indoor smart revealed that family-friendly temperament, compared with ordinary glass door frameless glass doors even more lightweight and flexible. Now, along with small series of frameless glass doors to find out about it.

  Frameless glass doors introduces

  As its name implies, frameless glass doors glass door is no border, around its glass doors without consolidation of the border. Is almost transparent, and because of this, it has very good lighting, you can use any combination of, in addition to home decoration you can try out, shopping malls, hotels, Office and other places can be used.

  Frameless glass doors and general categories, such as aluminum alloy doors, steel doors, security doors, solid wood doors, the biggest difference is that the border, frameless glass doors is the use of 8~12mmTempered glassMaking doors, frameless glass doors and decorative box or clip can be fixed, need to be planted to spring on the ground.

  Frameless glass doors features

  Simple and transparent system of frameless glass partitions, little decorative embellishment room space as a whole, so that the whole home environment is richer. Breakthrough in bursts of inspiration, made simple home design more lively pastel ingenious, allowing room full of sense.

  Compared with walls wrapped tightly around the House, purely with frameless glass doors transform rooms in big cities in the background glows with soft elegant sense. A strong sense of space corridor, connecting both inside and outside, bright sunlight coming through the glass as mood moment to warm welcomes.

  Frameless glass door prices

  Frameless glass door relative to frame glass door, thought less parcel borders, than more light. Under normal circumstances, little door into door clamp and clamp the two, used for special occasions requiring small openings, also suitable for use in all kinds of places, prices are relatively low.
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