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About the red wine cup - do you know the difference between crystal and glass?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-10-10

The types of wine glasses on the market can be described as varied, and how to choose is also a matter of learning. In addition to looking at the shape of the wine glass, the material is also a part of our selection of wine glasses. The wine glass material can be easily divided into glass wine glasses and crystal wine glasses. So, what is the difference between a crystal wine glass and a glass wine glass?

Ordinary glass wine glasses are thicker, and to ensure firmness, the edges of the cups will be reinforced, but this will not improve the wine tasting experience. Glass wine glasses are usually cheaper. Since the main component of glass is silica, the molecules of this substance are not easily chemically reacted with other substances. They are inert materials and the glass is not gas permeable. Therefore, when washing with a cup washer, it is not easy to leave the aromatic components in the detergent or Corroded by detergent. The borosilicate glass wine glass is a high-grade glass with durability, heat resistance and scratch resistance.

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Crystal wine glasses are not made of crystal (quartz), but are made by adding 2%-30% minerals to the glass. This mineral is usually lead, which is used to strengthen the glass material, so that the finished wine glass can meet both light and durable conditions.

Crystal wine glasses, more precisely lead-containing or mineral-containing wine glasses, because the cup wall is light and strong, the sound is very crisp when the cup is touched. The lead-containing crystal wine glass has excellent performance in refracting light, and it is more translucent and clear when observing the wine. There is a crystal wine glass on the market that does not use lead, but instead uses a certain proportion of magnesium and zinc. In addition to the advantages of a lead-containing crystal cup, this wine glass can also be cleaned with a cup washer.

In terms of quality, both lead-containing and lead-free crystal wine glasses are premium wine glasses. It should be noted that most crystal wine glasses are lead-containing, but drinking in this wine glass does not dissolve the lead in the glass. The reason is that the contact time between the wine and the wine glass is not long enough, unless the wine is stored in a lead crystal wine glass or a decanter for more than a week.

Mineral content in crystal wine glasses from different manufacturers may vary. For example, the UK requires a mineral content of 24% or more in crystal glass products, while the US regulations are more lenient, depending on the manufacturer's instructions.

Whether it is the choice of glass wine glasses or crystal wine glasses, but also depends on personal needs. If you don't like to clean the wine glass, you can use ordinary glass wine glasses or lead-free crystal wine glasses. When you break things often, you can use ordinary glass wine glasses. When you look at the quality of the glass, you will use a hand-made crystal wine glass. If you have children or pets at home, choose a lower-priced glass goblet, or a cup-free glass that is not easy to knock down.