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Automatic glass door repair tips

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-02-07
  Automatic glass doors are controlled by the signal automatic opening and closing of doors, more common in hotels and shops of decoration. But application is still not very common in home life, here we summarize some of the automatic glass door repair tips, so that when there is a fault, we have to be able to respond to.

  Door leaves unresponsive

  AutomaticGlassDoors can close door action recognition for door control unit signals through the drive system opens the door, left after the door closes automatically. Door slow to react or don't understand the inconvenience. General door slow to respond for 3 reasons:

  1, the detection range of the sensor probe is too small;

  2, dust also affects the internal induction probe identification;

  3, automatic glass doors doors are too heavy, beyond the host motor traction;

  Clean up the dust inside the inductive probe, if it's detection range or weight reasons can seek advice from professionals, consider whether a separate replacement probes and hosts.

  Door leaf is not active

  Door leaf is not active, mainly caused by several reasons: such as doors, lifting wheel or light security light problem causes the door to stop activities. In these instances, automatic glass door repair can proceed in 4 ways:

  1, found the door does not move, first check the power supply if there is a power outage causes transmission to see if plugged in to the glass door beginning activities;

  2, if not for the power doors is not a phenomenon of activity. General drag phenomenon of doors when it starts will be satiated, while host controller will be recognized as an obstacle to automatic lock protection, causes the door to stop moving. This is the case, one is to contact the manufacturers address the phenomenon of mopping. In normal use, should also pay attention to clear obstacles

  3. There is also a Setup "safe light" automatic glass doors, as the security light on the light covering of dust, causing malfunction, automatic door control will mistake this object is in the door, so as to stop the activity. In this regard, security lighting is installed to be regularly cleaned from dust on the light.

  Opening and closing sounds

  If you open and close correctly, knowledge when opening and closing sounds a lot, probably because of the spreader wheels run for a long time caused some wear in Chengdu. You can clear the track and wheel, or wheel bearing grease. Careful not to lubricate the add tracks and plastic wheels, otherwise they will be easier to dust, walk round it will damage more quickly.

  Glass door keeps opening and closing

  Automatic glass doors opening and closing of control by the host controller, the host controller controls main activities according to the detector body sensors to discriminate. When automatic glass doors there have been kept open and close cases, focus on inductive detectors:

  1, see induction range, even the shadows of pedestrians, vehicles and so on can affect both the induction;

  2, the detection range of the sensor probe adjustment. If the detection range down too far down, and when the door shuts, the probe will be mistaken for induction to the active door leaf in the activities, so that the doors open again.

  Thus, under normal conditions of power, door sensors work mainly under the influence of induction detectors, in addition to automatic glass door repair, should also pay attention to the probes in the usual maintenance care.