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Classification of coated glass and the purchase

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-02-06
  Coated glass is coated on the surface of the glass layer or multi-layer films of metals, alloys and metal compounds to alter the optical properties of the glass to meet a particular requirement. Small below give you a brief introduction to the following two types of coated glass.

  (1) solar control coated glass

  Solar control coated glass is also called heat-reflective coated glass, refers to the wavelength range 350--1800nm sunlight control coated glass. Solar control coated glass has a high reflectivity of sunlight, reflecting rate of up to 20%--40%, can save the air conditioning energy consumption in the hot summer. Meanwhile, with better shading functions, so that indoor light is soft and comfortable.

  Solar control coated glass is typical of translucent glass, has the characteristics of one way vision when installed in the Interior side of the film, from outside room out of sight during the day, night by the Interior invisible outdoors. Solar control coated glass film good firmness, can be used single chip. Available control into hollow glass, outer layer sunshine coating glass film layer of insulating gas layer, you can lower the shading coefficient and heat transfer coefficient of glass.

  (2) low-e coated glass

  Low-e coated glass, also known as low-e glass, "low-e" glass, is a far-infrared wavelength range 4.5--25 μ m high reflectance coated glass (high type Low-E). Composite solar control low-e coated glass can also function as solar control low-e glass (shading type Low-E).

  Low radiationCoated glass(High-Low-E), applies to high latitude and cold area in hot summer and cold winter area suitable for solar control low-e glass (shading type Low-E).

  Low-e coated glass technology into online pyrolysis deposition (online method) vacuum sputtering and offline (offline). Online method production of low radiation plating film glass can hot bent, and tempered, can single tablets using, film layer should be oriented indoor; offline method production of low radiation plating film glass acid alkaline and wear sex poor, cannot single tablets using, in synthesis hollow glass Shi, should will glass side Department and sealed rubber contact parts of plating film removal, plating film surface should is located in in the air body layer within, general installation in hollow glass of third surface, to full using low radiation plating film glass excellent of insulation performance and shade performance.
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