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Character and application of vacuum glass tempered

fanyumaoyi 2017-02-07 10:54:30
  Full tempered vacuum glass is vacuum glass of upgrade version, it not only inherited has vacuum glass of all characteristics and in performance Shang also has has is big of upgrade, its main features for using of glass is full tempered Hou of security glass, it can widely application Yu buildings and the travel doors and Windows, and insulation box cabinet (as: show cabinet, and refrigerated cabinet), various need transparent insulation of field.

  Vacuum glass is composed of two or more pieces of flat tempered glass separated by braces, perimeter sealing and vacuum is formed between the glass layers of glass, second glass plate gap to 0. 1--0. 3mm, to make the glass can withstand the atmospheric pressure in the vacuum State, placed between two pieces of glass with small support.

  Development history

  Vacuum glass as the glass industry of sophisticated products, originated in the Dewar, which vacuum flasks. It is made up of two or more pieces of flat glass separated by braces, perimeter sealing, glass vacuum is formed between the layers of glass. As the 90 's of the last century, developed by the University of Sydney flat vacuum samples come out, the glass industry research and development of vacuum glass has never stopped. From vacuum to a support, from sealing materials to seal technology, glass vacuum heat insulation, acoustic noise reduction performance more and more outstanding.

  However, with the extensive use of vacuum glass, how to give security vacuum glass can become long-term problems afflicting the glass industry, however, in 2016, glass deep processing enterprise in China glass and tempered vacuum technology combination of Fusion's unique vacuum glass-making technology, "tempered vacuum glass" came into being. This is tempered safety glass vacuum with independent intellectual property rights in China, which both have excellent energy-saving insulation, acoustic noise, condensation prevention features, more security advantages of both high strength and resistance to wind pressure, let China glass processing water, again on a stage, walking in the forefront of the world.

  Product features

  1, using a unique low-temperature seal, intact glass safety features such as high strength, impact resistance. Tempered glass vacuum uniform stress distribution on the surface, any point all over 90MPa, fully tempered glass stress requirements.

  2, has a high vacuum chamber, so that gas can be ignored, while the use of high-performance low-e glass, significantly inhibits radiative heat transfer, ensure the heat transfer coefficient of glass (U value) down to 0. 48W/(m2· K)。 Meanwhile, tempered glass vacuum heat insulation is 2-4 times the insulating glass, is a single piece of glass 6-10 times, independently to meet the requirements of international passive house window heat transfer coefficient.

  3, tempered glass vacuum flexible sealing material in larger temperature difference between indoor and outdoor environments, weakened the glass panel sealing of shear force in the region, overcame the brittle seals sealing failure of the material in the same circumstances. Meanwhile, enclosing the efficient getter, high vacuum can be maintained in the glass cavity, greatly reduced in various harsh environments failure phenomena such as performance degradation.

  4, in the u-value is much better than three two cavities of hollow glass case, tempered vacuum glass thickness one-sixth, meanwhile, tempered vacuum glass per square meter weight is less than 10kg. Meanwhile, tempered glass vacuum used fewer low-e glass, glass is more transparent, with perfect light effect.

  5, a hollow glass condensation problems due to a temperature difference between inside and outside, inside in a State of high vacuum full tempered glass vacuum free of condensation. Meanwhile, excellent heat insulation capacity, so even if the outside temperature fell to-40 c, there will be no condensation on the inner surface of glass.

  6, tempered glass for vacuum strong penetration of low frequency noise in sound effect. Tempered glass vacuum high vacuum cavity of an effective barrier to sound transmission. Auditory sensitivity difference 5 DB, hearing 3-4 times. Based on sound transmission loss of weight ratio, outdoor 75 decibels of noise, full tempered glass vacuum insulation up to 39 DB, much better than 29 DB standard insulating glass, especially for the troubled people of low-frequency noise, such as traffic noise and construction noise, the effect is obvious.

  7, tempered glass against the use of vacuum region, altitude and angle of impact. Tempered glass vacuum high vacuum chamber that even large elevation drop in production and use, there will be no expansion or contraction within the cavity. Meanwhile, tempered glass vacuum when used in a horizontal or tilted, constant heat transfer coefficient can be installed in the top of the building, the lifter to ensure energy efficiency.

  Areas of application

  1, the field of architecture

  Vacuum glass tempered excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation and noise, thin, transparent, safe and stable performance, help for green building development.

  Range of application: high-end commercial buildings, public buildings, landmark structures, such as Windows and doors, curtain wall, roof.

  Outlook: worldwide annual new building area and reform an area of large, urban and rural building area of nearly 2 billion square meters of new housing each year, and within the next ten years, China will have more than 11 billion square meters of existing building doors and Windows to enter the renewal period.

  2, transportation

  Tempered glass vacuum excellent acoustic noise, heat insulation no condensation and transport forms transparent light vision is the best choice of glazing materials.

  Application: suitable for all kinds of cars, high-speed trains, airplanes, cruise ships and other vehicles on the flat form.

  Outlook: with the improvement of quality, comfortable transport internal environment more and more attention, and tempered vacuum glass for safety energy saving, noise noise reduction properties of condensation, low, will become a range of the best choice of glazing.

  3, the field of home appliances

  Tempered glass vacuum energy-saving, lightweight, safe, no condensation area of advantage for home appliance upgrades.

  Application: particularly suitable for freezers, wine cabinets, display cabinets.

  Outlook: traditional glass doors will clear Frost, condensation phenomenon, affecting its appearance and transparent manner, while, on the electrical cabinet door defrost heating programme, produced a lot of extra energy. Tempered glass vacuum use, home appliance energy-saving, environmentally friendly and beautiful.

  4, agriculture

  Excellent thermal insulation properties of tempered glass vacuum, good light permeability advantages, boost precision agriculture development.

  Range of application: plant breeding of modern agriculture glasshouse.

  Outlook: in recent years, vigorously promote the modernization of agriculture, accelerate the transformation of agricultural development, production efficiency, product safety, resource-saving and environment-friendly agricultural modernization. Tempered glass vacuum green agriculture, science and technology will help the development of agriculture.

  5, building integrated photovoltaics

  Tempered glass vacuum insulation, tilt a constant performance advantage to make it the best for building solar power fields lined with glass.

  Application: solar architecture.

  Outlook: at present, the common goal of achieving environmental protection and sustainable development all over the world. Clean energy, especially solar power, occupies a prominent position. Not only in the field of industrial construction in the field of building integrated photovoltaics in the world gradually promote, superior energy-saving benefits making it a global construction and the popular choice of solar photovoltaic technology.
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