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Buy those matters to the sliding glass door

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-02-05
  With the increased demand for home improvement, a lot of storefront after another, brand, kitchen more, some stores in order to profit despite the owners feel, with some fake profit, here some sliding doors and glass bought some considerations.
  Glass knowledge
  Select Home need of glass Shi, don't blindly of let decorative company arranged, don't thought glass home loaded this a with to of not more, on not caused attention! glass itself on has must of risk, inferior of glass even not to touch also is will with time of increased oxidation, saying is easy broken! and some decorative company to save costs, was using some kitchen glass alternative! at see not out status, but yihou will out some status!! Should pay attention to!!!
  When choosing glass requirements
  When decorating, glass or decorative glass products eligible books (regular glass is a product of eligible books, inferior to the contrary there is no) be sure to choose the regular brand glass options! not too much money, but reassuring!!
  Glass classification
  Now said some of the areas in need of attention when choosing glass. Glass score 3: recycled glass, glass,Float glass。 To float glass the best of them, and so on! first of all poor quality recycled glass as the name suggests, is based on the recycling of broken glass melting, small waves on the surface (inclined 45° angle to see) there are small bubbles on the surface, fragile. Glass itself have impurities, color has faded, with transparent, but darker than the float glass lot crisp than float glass, no softness. Float glass, extracted from quartz, glass transparency, color green, there is a certain flexibility, able to do a certain degree bend than glass, recycled glass loading good. Generally said, when a certain application is more important than a piece of glass, when the glass has some of the bent part unloading, endurance is strong.
  Art glass light chat
  With the advancement of age, home style varied, art glass appears. With the increase of glass styles, and more designers like to put glass in your own style.
  Art glass needs more and more, some manufacturers put little hands reach for a glass of this emerging industry. For the benefit of, natural raw materials with recycled glass instead, so that some obvious characteristics of recycled glass is obscured by the pattern. And not the owners of this piece will be attracted by low prices, while most of the decorating company in the case of contractor will choose this product, after all, the price is too low. But the most obvious drawback is the pictorial work of art glass is not delicate, much less than the regular factory. There are a lot of residual defects.
  While the regular factory produced glass, not only using standard float glass as raw material, and in the process is good, work is very strict. Patterned light is good as a whole. Design and concave feel full.
  Sliding door choice
  The same way, many poor quality sliding doors of glass sure use cheap recycled glass and border choices, using material of very poor, thin, inferior border, with cheap, but soon there was a problem. Such as pulley sliding slow, loud, deformation of the border, will go wrong. And when things go wrong, you will find then select low sliding door was the wrong idea.