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Central China Conference - Market confidence is acceptable

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-12-12

From the regional perspective, after the manufacturers' quotations in South China and East China increased, the implementation of the price of the manufacturers was acceptable, and some manufacturers wait and see. Some manufacturers in Central China have already quoted their prices. Today's meeting is also to boost market confidence and appropriately raise prices. Some manufacturers in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region rose today. The trends in each region are as follows:

Today, the overall trend of the glass spot market in East China is stable, and the production enterprises are mainly focusing on increasing the outbound and returning funds, and the market confidence is good. After the market coordination meeting between East China and North China this week, most manufacturers' quotations have risen to a certain extent, and manufacturers in North China also plan to increase prices on the 13th. Under the influence of the order, the small increase in prices of the manufacturers did not affect the speed of delivery. The traders' own inventory is also low, and the purchase and sale are basically based on direct delivery from the manufacturers to the processing enterprises. The small increase in quotations in South China and other regions has also played a good role in promoting East China and other regions. Today, some East China manufacturers announced that the price of white glass will rise by about 20 yuan on the 14th, and the specific implementation will be determined.


South China todayglassThe overall trend of the spot market was stable, and the output of the production enterprises was not changed much, and the market price was relatively stable. After the South China factory coordination meeting, most manufacturers have a certain increase in quotations, and some manufacturers temporarily wait and see. Some production lines have plans for cold repair and shutdown next month. Today, the Central China Regional Market Coordination Meeting was held to boost market confidence. Some manufacturers have already increased their prices in advance, and other manufacturers have not changed for the time being.

Today, the overall trend of the glass spot market in North China is still acceptable, and the outflow of production enterprises is relatively stable, and the price changes are not large. At present, the inventory of manufacturers in Shahe area is basically normal, and the impact on outbound storage is that the recent environmental protection supervision tends to be strict. The raw materials purchased by the manufacturers and the finished products are subject to certain influence. At the same time, some construction projects in the northern region have also been affected by environmental protection factors, and the speed of shutdown has accelerated. The operating rate of some glass processing enterprises also has a certain impact. Overall, as the weather turns better, there is still a certain amount of demand in the terminal market. Most of Shahe manufacturers also plan to increase their prices by about 20 yuan tomorrow. Some production lines in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region stopped production and released water, and manufacturers' prices rose slightly.