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Cleaning do not clean the glass causes

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-13

 Wash glass, tempered glass wash clean is the reason? Is something wrong with the machine still needs to add some kind of detergent?
  Tempered glassCan meet the standards of quality, in addition to the reasons of glass raw materials, process parameters setting is reasonable is the deciding factor. Only a thorough understanding of their roles and relationships, in order to produce high quality toughened glass. All parameters are based on the "uniform heating and rapid cooling" design, but they are not isolated, is an organic whole, must be taken into account, in order to get a perfect process.
  And temperature of glass defects and correcting methods
  1, cord if the set temperature is too high, if the heating time is too long, there will be waves of glass, this is due to heating of the glass over the critical point, glass has begun to soften, such defects as long as the heating time can solve.
  2, and Ma points heating time had long also will caused glass of Xia surface appeared Ma points, MA points can is divided into two species, a is intensive sex of, is orange skin-like, this is heating time had long caused of, (especially 12 mm above of thick glass, some units to let it not broken and put heating time set have is long,) can according to situation made adjustment. Another individual was a star-shaped pits, it is due to the loading machine and the ceramic surface is not clean, or windshield glass no clear cause of the roller.
  3, and white fog white fog is in glass Xia surface of middle, appeared a article white of traces, it General appeared in initial production of Qian several furnace, this is due to ceramic roll of surface temperature high caused of, dang glass into furnace of initial several 10 seconds within, glass Xia surface directly by hot conduction and corners curling, glass and ceramic roll of contact surface variable small, and ceramic roll of friction increased and caused of, with ceramic roll surface temperature of declined will disappeared. We can set the lower temperature in the initial production is lower, lower lower power settings, must be continuous production, will not operate oven empty, if not you can switch off the heating to prevent white mist.
  4, bent, we can produce glass with, if there is a bend is generally by adjusting the air pressure, or adjust the blowing distance to solve, very efficient. But some operation workers does not understand upper and lower temperature of differences also will caused glass of bent, assumed wind gate paragraph of hair dryer distance, wind pressure of size is equal words, if glass corners up bent, on description lower temperature low, instead if glass of corners down bent words, description lower of temperature high, if need by regulation temperature to glass flat words, is not one or two furnace on can solution, need several furnace yihou only line.
  5, sphere, it is doing below 6 mm thin glass and appears larger than the layout, features can be adjusted by temperature high temperature adjusted lengthwise in the middle and down, sometimes need to raise around 30 degrees. (2nd row consists of both sides to increase). A good operator should understand the relationship between temperature and optical properties are: high temperature heating time, yield will be high, but poor optical performance but low temperature or heating time is short, good optical performance, but yield will be low. We need to conscientiously sum up, looking for the best results. Temperature with tempered glass particle size has a lot to do; in equal conditions with wind pressure, high temperature particles as small, low temperature grain

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