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Windows and doors • maintenance of 9 points

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-13
  Anything not maintenance, solid things will gradually damage. so learn maintenance side of things in life is one of the required courses. In Windows maintenance, people tend to feel that this is a small problem, but I do not know of doors and Windows in the correct methods of conservation will remain hidden. Small series of the following 9 areas below to introduce conservation knowledge of Windows and doors.
  1, do not hang heavy on doors and avoid sharp bumps, scratches. When you open or close the door, do not force excessive.
  2, do not open the door with wet hands, or corrosive solvent spillage on the wooden door and lock. When you open the door or turn the door handle, do not force excessive. Hinges, locks and other regular activities of the metal parts, looseness to immediately tighten. Door lock doesn't work is turned on, you can add the right amount of pencil Keyhole lubrication lubricant, such as at the end.
  3, wipeGlass, Do not cleaning agent or water into the glass bead cracks, so as not to strip deformation. Wipe the glass do not overexert when to prevent glass damage and personal injury. Broken glass must be a professional for repair.
  4, composite solid wood door and window surfaces stain is cleared (such as fingerprints), using soft cloth wipe, is very easy to scratch the surface with a hard cloth. When the stain is too heavy, use neutral detergents, toothpaste or furniture cleaning agent, after going to the stain, then dry-erase. Don't rinse. Note that soaked in neutral reagent or rags not wood surface water long, otherwise it will damage surface immersed, discoloration or peeling of surface finishing materials. Note of composite solid wood door and window edges and not excessive scrubbing, or it will cause edges and peeling paint. Remove dust from the composite solid wood doors and Windows, and when you are not using a soft cotton cloth wipe, clears the vacuum cleaner can be used. To keep the wood surface gloss and long service life, regular cleaning, dusting, use wooden decoration product conservation the conservation of liquid on the surface. Surface, locking is active parts, loose, immediately tighten hinge location sound should be filling in time, lock open without adding the right amount of flexibility to the keyhole end of pencil lead, not just oil. Wood shrinkage and swelling properties, in the case of large temperature and humidity differences, such as a slight crack or shrink, it is normal for a natural phenomenon, don't panic, as the seasonal changes, this phenomenon will disappear naturally. To maintain a bright color wooden doors should be waxed on a regular basis for its maintenance.
  5, aluminum doors and Windows maintenance tips: (1) the use of aluminum alloy doors and Windows, push-pull maneuver to light, find difficulties not dragged off onto, you should troubleshoot. Ash, distortion is the main reason aluminum sliding hard, to keep the frame clean. Particularly push-pull pot cleansing, can be used in a vacuum tank and door seal top of ash. (2) clean, not to step on the aluminum frame, nor supported by push-pull box.
  6, aluminum Windows and doors use a soft cloth with water or a neutral detergent to clean, do not use regular SOAP and laundry detergent, not to use scouring powder, toilet cleaning agent such as strong acids and alkali, no contact with substances such as acids, alkali, salt.
  7, after the rain, should be wiped dry and wet glass door and window frames, special attention to dry slide with water. Chute used for a long time, friction increases, you can add a little oil or a layer of fire-wax.
  8, should always check the connection part of the aluminum frame, timely tightening bolts, replace the damaged parts. Positioning shaft, wind bracing, spring and other vulnerable parts of the aluminum alloy doors and Windows, one should always check regularly lubricate clean and flexible. Always check the frame joints and loosening of the fastening screws.
  9, sealing tops and glass sealant is the key to the doors and Windows sealed insulation structure, if off to timely repair, replacement.