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Clear glass material-ideal vacuum glass

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-03-24
  So-called principle of vacuum glass in conjunction with thermoses, in between two pieces of glass plate placed parallel to form a space, in the vacuum of space, which created a vacuum. To put an end to the gas heat transfer, improved insulating effect.

  The earliest literature on vacuum glass patents was published in 1913, proposed in this patent in the space for the support of the two pieces of glass, supporting glass plate under atmospheric pressure. Subsequently, on the basis of published patents, scientific research, but mostly on the glass support. For example recommends using waveform glass panels separated to form a number of vacuum parts, in the space of two pieces of glass vacuum tubes, glass ball as a prop to support methods.

  Vacuum glassAfter decades of research and development, and great progress has been made. Support arranged, edge, sealing, vacuum technology matures. Support materials in particular have developed from the glass to the alloy, the manufacture of vacuum glass quite favorable.

  80 Colorado solar vacuum glass Institute of project research, but no substantive breakthrough in 1990 to dismount. The same year Tang Jianzheng Professor, Department of physics, Peking University, University of Sydney and physical R.E.Collins, Dean of the school of professors, research vacuum glass and made a breakthrough, they applied for 3 patents.

  Due to the vacuum flask is a round, the unbalanced force can withstand the pressure, and flat glass by atmospheric pressure will make two parallel adjacent glass panels inward, effect of vacuum. In order to ensure the existence of outside atmospheric pressure vacuum layer, placed between two pieces of glass to support. Support in the design is a key factor in manufacturing vacuum glass, the glass contact area is too large it will increase thermal conductivity, also affects the transparency of the glass, so to try to reduce the number of support overall and individual support of volume. Support the glass contact hours, due to the effects of atmospheric pressure focused on glass parts in contact with support concentrated load, resulting in increases the stress in support above the outer surface of the glass, easily lead to glass breakage.

  Support shapes, now most are terete, in addition, square-shaped, oval, line, grid, etc.

  Manufacturing support materials are stainless steel, carbon steel, chrome steel, aluminum, nickel, molybdenum, tantalum, ceramic, etc.

  Poor due to glass thickness, cord, glass plates as a whole is not necessarily smooth, and the thickness of the support is the same, this gap will have the support of parallel glass thickness of parts. Due to adjacent supports glass plate spacing support in this region do not have access to adequate clamping of the glass, leave provisions, resulting in uneven support force, reduce vacuum glass life.

  Many ways to solve these problems, the most important method is the use of plastic deformation of supporting structure. Glass plate not only in static pressure, through partial support of plastic deformation, which can make all the support glass full of gripping, maintained in the specified position, and keeps the two pieces of glass under clearance. At the time of impact, and support in keeping the glass plate provided space and forces plastic deformation, ease the impact occurring on a glass plate and support point of contact, reducing the probability of glass breakage.

  In addition, you can support at least one face coated with a low melting point metal or welding glass, support fixed on the glass through the heat treatment, provisions to ensure its permanent location. You can also use fine wire to support interconnected, this ocean did not support is clamped by the clamping support constraints and still ensures that the provisions in place. When using line or grid support, you can also get the same effect.

  Vacuum glass of manufacturing method is will two tablets glass (can is floating method glass, and wired glass, and tempered glass, and pressure extended glass, and spray sand glass, and endothermic glass, and UV absorption glass, and hot reflection glass,) wash NET, in a glass Shang to 10~25 mm of interval placed height for 0.1~0.5 mm, diameter for 0.3~1.0 mm of cylindrical-like support real or width for 0.4~0.6 mm of line-like or lattice-like support real. Then put another piece of glass.

  Around the two pieces of glass coated welding glass (can also be a low melting-point metal, flexible metal, organic adhesives), 15-60 minutes at 450 ° c heating and removal attaching to the glass of water and organic matter at the same time by welding two pieces of glass around the glass edge, form a whole. Appropriate location hole and vacuum pump vacuum chamber between the two pieces of glass up to 0.001 mm Hg of vacuum pressure, forming a vacuum glass.

  Vacuum made from glass, heat insulation effect insulating glass 1 time. The glass can be used for apartments, hotels, hospitals and ice observation Windows, and so on.
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