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Create a pure and pure environment with glass decoration materials

Fanyumaoyi Chinamirrom 2017-05-23 15:20:42
  In recent years, a number of decorative and artistic effects of the new glass decorative materials were born. Glass decoration has elegant, cool, refined characteristics, is widely used in the room wall, ground, top and partition space decoration. Clear and bright glass decoration, if with the room atmosphere seamless, more colorful, full room, can create a beautiful world for the bedroom. Here are several styles of decorative techniques.

   Beautiful garden

  The door is decorated into a moon gate, the house is separated with a wall window, the ceiling is decorated with painted emerald green glass. This kind of stained glass fine texture, like a river spring, far see color such as Jasper, close to see clear transparent, green, water green, bonuses. The room in the natural marble round table, drum-shaped stool patchwork, the room in the middle of a light green light emitting glass chandeliers, and grass-like carpet to each other, make people seem to be in the beautiful open-air garden.

   Green Forest

  Choose light green metope, light green lamp, light green light, natural grass-colored tile, in the hall opposite the partition place decorates a screen, mosaic stained glass relief on the screen. Painted with forests, landscapes, flowers and birds and other patterns. This relief surface bright ze, vivid image, three-dimensional sense of strong, can reflect the art and environment of Reiki, resulting in a warm spring, vibrant atmosphere, so that people feel placed in the embrace of nature, give the spirit of relaxed and cool comfortable comfort. This decorative effect is especially suitable for the southern home.

   Deep ocean

  Light blue wall, lamps, soft light blue, and then with the milky white furniture, a wall on one side of the color crystal glass-this decorative glass is hard, shiny and bright. On the wall opposite the glass hangs a sea beach the landscape painting of coconut tree, under the refraction of the colored crystal glass, can constitute an ideal ocean view. Brings the person to be stable, tranquil, broad-minded feeling.

   Crystal Ice sculpture

  The wall of the bedroom is brushed into a cold hue, and the room is decorated with new glassware, such as glass Bogut frame, glass handicraft, glass wine cabinet, wine bottle in cabinet, glass table, glass tea set on table, etc. In the home has decorated a common mirror screen, the screen twists and turns, can make the mirror like a kaleidoscope of refraction from the interior of many colors. The mirror to do three-dimensional polishing of the carved, its crystal clear sense of other materials can not be replaced, not only to make it a work of art, and in the sun, it can be red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple these 7 kinds of color filtration, the mirror's optical potential fully dug out, and then with the interior of the glass art, can blend art and the environment of the scenery, for the room to add a pure Harbin ice sculpture like clean feeling, there is a charming romantic color. This kind of decorative effect also suitable for the hot summer.

  The natural scenery, outdoor scenery into the interior, the pursuit of wild, strange, elegant natural atmosphere, now has become the world's fashionable interior decoration. ModernGlassDecorated with the overall decoration of the bedroom style, there is a kind of water out of the lotus-like sense of cleanliness, the appropriate time to change the warm tone of the fabric, tapestry, curtain, tablecloth is another kind of warm and cordial effect. This kind of flexible change, vividly deduce a faction modern well-off home of romantic charm and cultural taste.
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