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Water glass

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-04-19
  Water glass is composed of alkali metal oxides combine with silicon dioxide to form soluble alkali metal silicate material, also known as foam glass. Water glass according to the kinds of alkali metals sodium into sodium silicate and potassium water glass, its molecular formula is Na2O.nSiO2 and K2O.nSiOz respectively. n of coefficients in the formula known as the modulus of water glass are silica and alkali metal oxides in glass of water molecules (or mole). Important parameters of the modulus of water glass water glasses, generally between 1.5-3.5. Larger modulus of water glass, solid water glass more difficult soluble in water, n is often warm water that can dissolve 1, n increased need hot water to dissolve, n is greater than 3 o\'clock more than 4 bar steam to dissolve. Larger modulus of water glass, silica content, the more water glass viscosity, easy to break down hardened, bond strength increases.

  Water glass production with dry method and wet method. Quartz rocks and soda ash as raw material for dry, finely ground mix and melted in a furnace 1300-1400 temperature, reacts according to the following formula to form solid sodium silicate, dissolved in water and liquid water glass

  Wet production quartz powder and soda as raw material, inside the autoclave, 2-3 atmospheric pressure autoclave reactions, direct production of liquid sodium silicate.