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Energy conservation and environmental protection will become the development theme of door and windo

  • Author:fanyu
  • Source:www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2017-12-08
  In recent years, due to the impact of real estate regulation and control policy, the most glorious period of the whole door and window curtain wall industry is gradually retreating. In addition, the domestic market, doors and windows, curtain wall market demand changes, the domestic market competition environment is becoming more and more cruel. Some experts pointed out that in the next few years, the industry of aluminum doors and windows will gradually enter a period of quiet development. The product structure will be changed greatly. The advent of "environmental protection" will further promote the "energy saving and environmental protection" as the theme of the industry development.
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   The market volume of aluminum doors and windows keeps steady in the middle

At present, although the construction industry has been frustrated by a series of policies and regulations, it has been a major setback in China's consumption hotspots and economic growth point. It shows that domestic demand will remain stable. Driven by the western development, revitalization of Northeast China, urban renewal and new town construction, the total market volume of aluminum doors and windows will continue to grow steadily. The market structure, which is dominated by large enterprises and the medium and small enterprises as the auxiliary.

The industry of door and window and curtain wall has formed a technological innovation system

At present, the door and curtain wall industry has formed a technological innovation system represented by more than 100 large enterprises and more than 50 key enterprises with output value of over 100 billion yuan. This batch of large-scale backbone enterprises to complete the industrial output value accounted for about 50% of the total industrial output value of the whole industry, the national key projects, large and medium-sized city image project, city landmarks, foreign and foreign engineering project construction, establish a good market image for the whole industry, as technology innovation, market development, brand excellence the main force of the whole industry.

The product structure changes, the use ratio of energy saving and environment-friendly doors and windows is expected to be improved

The product structure will be changed greatly. The aluminum curtain wall is still dominated by open frame, hidden frame and aluminum curtain wall. The unit curtain wall has a good development prospect in large and medium-sized cities. The aluminum alloy double layer, intelligent and sun shading curtain wall will gradually mature and improve. The share of aluminium alloy doors and windows in the market of building doors and windows will remain above 55%, and the structure of the products will be changed greatly. Under the influence of national energy saving policy and energy crisis, the proportion of aluminum alloy doors and windows and curtain walls of energy saving and environmental protection type will be greatly improved.

With the coming of a well-off life, people have become more and more demanding of their own living environment. Green consumption has become the dominant concept leading to the construction consumption market, and green consumption has brought huge green business opportunities.  Therefore, to meet the demand of green consumption, the development of high performance and high technology of ecological building curtain walls and windows and doors, not only to the basic physical properties, from the appearance of the building curtain wall and windows itself as well as the cost and other aspects to think, to make the overall design and the ecological environment of the curtain wall and windows of the hanging hook for curtain wall and windows after construction can has a good performance and reduce the pollution of the environment, to give people a comfortable environment.

The "environmental" tide is coming, and energy conservation and environmental protection will become the development theme of the industry

The coming of "environmental protection" will greatly promote the healthy development of environmental protection enterprises. In the modern enterprise, emerging enterprises all hundred years enterprise, where strong rise and sustainable development, is the inevitable result of the importance of environmental protection enterprises; and the contemporary world governments attach importance to environmental protection, especially in the developed countries and developing countries governments are inseparable.

In the domestic industry of environmental protection door and window curtain wall before the mandatory is not much, and because the domestic real estate industry with the rapid expansion of the industry, the rise of small and medium-sized enterprises too much, these enterprises lack the awareness of environmental protection, environmental protection and management work is poor, do not have their own power, sustained and rapid development of science; the most serious "green tide combing a large number do not meet the environmental requirements of enterprises out of the market, a large number of attention to environmental protection, environmental protection work in enterprise production management vigorously to the market, is conducive to long-term, stable, national industrial scientific development, also in line with the current stage of the national supply side, capacity to implement the policy," shoot two hawks with one arrow.

In recent years, the real estate industry in China has been transformed in the regulation mode of contraction, moderate release, proper control and individual micro adjustment. The door window and curtain wall industry with the influence of a series of national policy, the most glorious period gradually receded, but as our country's consumption and economic growth in a larger ratio, still display domestic windows and curtain wall enterprises with domestic new innovation technology and human resources and other advantages to the market development, development of the industry tends to be stable, the market trend of internationalization is more and more strong.